Best Places to Travel Right Now on the Strong Aussie Dollar

International travel is now cheaper than ever. Overseas flights have never been more affordable, and it’s up to you whether you opt for budget-friendly accommodation or go 5-star all the way. However some countries offer considerably more bang for the Australian buck right now, thanks to the strong Aussie dollar.

Here’s five wallet-friendly countries where you’ll get more bang for your AUD, so your Aussie dollar will stretch even further on holiday.

1.       Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a perennially popular destination for Aussies – 58 per cent of Australians are repeat visitors to this exciting East Asian location. Whether you’re thinking of visiting for the first time or tenth time, now’s the time to go with our Australian dollar buying around 10.88 per cent more Hong Kong dollars than January 2017, making a Hong Kong getaway more affordable than ever. Look out for airfare sales, accommodation and cruise offers for an even better deal that will give you even more Hong Kong dollars for shopping, entertainment and dim sum, of course!


2. USA

With weekly flights to Los Angeles with a whole fleet of premium airlines, the increased competition means even cheaper airfares so Aussies travelling to the USA are the real winners. Since January 3, the AUD exchange rate has risen roughly 10.06 per cent against the USD for way more in your back pocket. Look out for accommodation and touring deals to get more bang for your buck Stateside, plus a better exchange rate means more opportunities to explore more of the USA. Start spreading the news…


3. Vietnam

An emerging destination that’s gaining popularity with Aussies looking for an alternative to the obvious Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam has much to offer travellers with delectable cuisine, river cruising itineraries, lush countryside and buzzing cities. If you needed another reason to go, our dollar is up almost 10 per cent (9.97 per cent to be exact) against the Vietnamese dong so that adventurous or laidback holiday is now a lot easier on the budget. Not to mention the bragging rights that you scored a Vietnam holiday for less!


4. Indonesia

With proximity and price a big plus, Bali has long been the go-to for Aussie travellers in search of sun, surf and Bintang. Low-cost carriers offer competitive airfares and multiple weekly flights to Bali and Jakarta, and affordable accommodation options range from hotels to resorts and villas to share with friends or family so there’s plenty of options to holiday here all year round. Compared to the start of the year, the Aussie dollar is currently buying 8.88 per cent more Indonesian rupiah so your Bali dreams are now that much closer.


5. China

Chinese travellers are one of Australia’s top international visitors, and with the exchange rate between the AUD and CNY now around 6.46 per cent better than in January this year, it’s time for us Aussies to return the favour. While China is a bucket-list wish for many, there’s no need to wait for ‘someday’ to see historic sights like the Great Wall, Forbidden City and the Terracotta Army, or be thrilled by the modern skylines of Beijing and Shanghai. Keep an eye out for discounted airfares, tours, cruises and accommodation to make the most of the strong Aussie dollar in China.


While the Aussie dollar has been on the rise against some currencies since earlier this year, there are a lot of global political and economic factors that are affecting other countries and currencies at the moment, so this list is always fluctuating. 

If you’re on a budget when it comes to planning your next holiday, it's a good idea to sort your travel budget ahead of time, take the costs of airfares and accommodation into account, and consider exchange rates in your trip research. You can chat to our FXperts at Travel Money Oz at any time about how to protect yourself against exchange rate volatility, and what destinations might get you the most bang for your buck! 

Erin Bennion

Based in Brisbane, Erin is a writer with a penchant for using fancy old French words wherever possible and an insatiable hankering for trawling through vintage markets in small Scandinavian towns (no, really). One of her dreams is to take her family to see General Sherman in Sequoia National Park and give that guy a really big group-hug. Don’t follow her, she could end up anywhere.