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The Himalaya less visited

Boasting an abundance of natural and historical riches, Pakistan has remained the "path less taken" by tourists due to a history of political instability.

But, if you are about to embark on this untrodden journey, whether it's to traverse the mighty Karakoram Highway, one of the world's most epic roads, explore the ancient remains of Lahore Fort, discover Smuggler's Bazaar, or trek Shandur Pass, you will find it helpful to have some local currency on hand to help you along the way.

When entering Pakistan, you are limited in taking up to PKR 100, in denominations of 10 rupees or less. You also cannot take in denominations of 50 or 100 rupees (or more).

You may be required to show your passport as ID when exchanging money, and you may find it easier to exchange USD or EUR rather than Aussie dollars.

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Today's Rate

1 AUD = 68.8874^ PKR
^Online rate only. Will vary in store.

PKR   rs


1, 2, 5 Rupees


10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000 Rupees

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Did you know? PKR Currency Facts

  • The PKR is subdivided into 100 paisa, but this unit is not used any more
  • In Pakistani English, large values of rupees are counted in terms of thousands - lakh (100,000), crore (1 million), 1 Arab (1 billion), 1 kharab (1/10 trillion)
  • The Pakistani rupee was issued in 1947 after the dissolution of the British Raj
  • Initially, British Indian coins and notes were still used after this dissolution - they were simply over stamped with "Pakistan", until the new currency was issued in 1948
  • From 1950 to 1978, Pakistan issued special notes for use only by Muslims making the pilgrimage to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, called the Haj, and to other holy sites in Iraq. These notes were not considered legal tender in Pakistan

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