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Ancient and modern wonder

In South Korea you can explore a mix of high tech cities, coastal fishing villages, and green country-side dotted with cherry trees. 

Whether you are visiting the 24hr city of Seoul, the historic city of Gyeongju or the beautiful Jeju Island, you will be amazed by the rich culture, delicious cuisine and friendly welcome from the people of South Korea.

When you arrive in South Korea, any amounts over KRW 8,000,000 (or USD 10,000 equivalent in foreign currency) must be declared.

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Today's Rate

1 AUD = 777.557^ KRW
^Online rate only. Will vary in store.



₩1, ₩5, ₩10, ₩50, ₩100, ₩500


₩1000, ₩5000, ₩10000, ₩50000

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Did you know? KRW Currency Facts

  • The South Korean Won was first introduced in 1945.  A single won is divided into 100 jeon. The jeon is no longer used for everyday transactions, and appears only in foreign exchange rates.
  • The South Korean won was initially pegged to the US Dollar at a rate of 15 won = 1 dollar
  • In 2006 the government issued a new series of bank notes with increased security features to combat counterfeiting.
  • The 50,000 won note now has 22 security features.

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