Foreign Coin Collection Program

What is Small Change, Big Difference?

The Small Change, Big Difference programs allows individuals to donate their unwanted and unusable foreign coins to support UNICEF’s work saving and protecting children around the world.

We believe that right now, there are millions of dollars in foreign currency lying dormant across Australian homes and offices.

Most believe that their few dollars, baht or euros is not enough to make a difference, but when AUD$1.75 is all it takes to feed a malnourished child for a day, you can help to save a life by giving to UNICEF what many think might be “useless” foreign coins.

Travel Money Oz and UNICEF have united to establish collection points for unwanted foreign coins, so that you can make a big difference with your small change. UNICEF collects coin from any country and can convert it into meaningful work to help children, especially those most disadvantaged and hardest to reach.

You can deposit your foreign coins at any Travel Money Oz outlet and donate today.

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What does UNICEF do?

UNICEF works to save and protect children worldwide by:

  • Delivering sustainable programs and partnering with local organisations to save and improve children’s lives for the better.
  • Responding to humanitarian emergencies, delivering both short-and long-term support for families in crisis.
  • Advocate for children by influencing policy and guiding decision makers to prioritise children’s best interests at home in Australia, and abroad.


UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund. Established after WWII, UNICEF exists to save, protect and empower children to reach their full potential. They work with families, communities and governments to ensure every child has the right access to healthy food, safe water, an education and are protected from harm. UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation for children and operates worldwide.

UNICEF Australia works with partners such as Travel Money Oz to collect and manage the donations of foreign coins. UNICEF, through existing systems, relies on the collection and processing of this ‘unwanted’ foreign coin and converts it into real, meaningful work for children.

The Flight Centre Foundation is Flight Centre Travel Groups way of harnessing the collective goodness of their people, industry partners and customers to give back to the community.

The Foundation captures the collective passion of FCTG’s 9,500 employees across Australia, channelling their contributions to the community via workplace giving and fundraising initiatives. Employee donations are matched dollar-for-dollar by FCTG, which also offers a paid program for employees who want to volunteer their time to charities and community organisations.

Since inception, the Foundation’s donations to the community have totalled $7.7 million towards a brighter future (to 30 June 2015).


How unwanted foreign coins can help

On average when a person donates their foreign money, they give over $17 per donation, but even the smallest amount can have a profound impact on giving a child the chance to survive and thrive:

  • 1UK penny provides a child with clean drinking water for 1 day.
  • 65 Euro cents provides a child with a pencil and book for school.
  • Two New Zealand dollars will provide a severely malnourished child enough therapeutic super food for one day.
  • 272 Indian Rupees (roughly $4 AUD) provides an insecticide-treated malaria net to a vulnerable family.
  • 243 Thai Baht (roughly $9.50 AUD) will provide 20 doses of life-saving measles vaccine.