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Bonus Bucks

Heading to Bali, Singapore or Thailand on your next holiday? We're giving away BONUS BUCKS to add to your wallet! Spend the below AUD equivalent on your foreign currency, and get a bonus amount (AUD equivalent in your foreign currency) added to your transaction. Use the extra spending money on a couple of cocktails, or a massage by the pool. You deserve it!

spend $500 and get BONUS $20*     

spend $1000 and get BONUS $40*

spend $1500 and get BONUS $60*


Getting your BONUS BUCKS is easy... 

Step 1: Make sure you a buying a BONUS BUCKS currency


Step 2: Visit your nearest store

Mention "BONUS BUCKS" at any of our 135+ stores nationwide. 

  1. BONUS BUCKS offer only applies to purchases of Eligible Currencies for cash in store, at the advertised store exchange rate (the "Board Rate") at the election of the Customer.
  2. BONUS BUCKS can only be added to a transaction when the Customer has purchased an eligible foreign currency being Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Thai Baht (THB) or Singaporean Dollars (SGD)
  3. BONUS BUCKS is available at participating Travel Money Oz stores only.
  4. BONUS BUCKS cannot be added when ordering foreign currency online via
  5. The BONUS BUCKS minimum spend, and bonus amount is displayed in AUD.
  6. A customer must spend the minimum tiers in AUD equivalent in the chosen foreign currencies for the offer to apply.
  7. The customer will receive the BONUS BUCKS in the select foreign chosen currency, to the equivalent of $20AUD, $40AUD or $60AUD, depending on minimum spend.
  8. BONUS BUCKS applies to any new transactions made between 06 February - 28 February 2019.
  9. Travel Money Oz reserves the right to amend Eligible Currencies at any time without notice.
  10. A customer may be eligible for Rate Guard when completing this offer (must comply with Rate Guard terms and conditions).
  11. Should a customer come back in store to claim the Rate Guard offer, only the original transaction amount will be covered. The BONUS BUCKS amount will be excluded.
  12. Travel Money Oz reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time without notice.
  13.  BONUS BUCKS is available to Customers for personal use only. Foreign currency wholesalers, other financial institutions or currency providers are not eligible for the BONUS BUCKS offer. Travel Money Oz consultants reserve the right to refuse transactions that they suspect are not for personal use.

These terms were last updated on 03 February 2019.