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Currency Rate Alerts

Let us do the rate watching

Sick of trying to keep up with always-changing exchange rates? Let the foreign exchange experts do the rate watching for you.

Simply set up currency alerts for the foreign money you need and your desired exchange rate. Once the exchange rate reaches the right value, we'll send you an email to let you know.

By using our rate tracker, you can stay ahead of market trends and make the most of your spending money.

Tell us the rate you want and we'll send you an alert

  • Currency alerts for 60+ currencies

    Our forex alert system can tell you the exchange rate for some of the most popular destinations around the world. 

  • Keep on top of market changes

    Making sense of foreign currencies can be tricky. Rather than trying to keep up with exchange rate trends by yourself, use our currency tracker to stay up to date.

  • Never miss a great rate

    Seizing the moment is essential when it comes to exchange rates. Signing up to receive currency alerts with Travel Money Oz can help you take advantage of great savings.

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