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Getting Started With Your Global SIM

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using your Cover-More Global SIM. You’re welcome.

Get your SIM ready for travel

  1. Activate your SIM through the Travel Money Oz Portal and add credit.
  2. Make sure your device is unlocked from your network provider.
  3. Get your new number, which will begin with +44. (Yes, this is Great Britain’s area code, but please don’t start answering your phone with a British accent.)
  4. Insert your SIM into your device.
  5. Give it a test call by dialling *555#
  6. Update your data settings (don’t worry, we take you through all this below) so you can use your data when you’re travelling.

For a full guide to setting up your Global SIM, check out our Quick Start Guide .

Fast and free numbers for your Global SIM

  • Check your account balance: *187#
  • Add credit: *521#
  • Retrieve your phone number: *133#
  • Update your data settings: *172#
  • Make a test call: *555#
  • Contact Global SIM Support: *500#
  • Cover-More Travel Insurance emergency assistance: *505# (for those with an active policy)

Making a call

Global SIM uses a call back service, so once you’ve dialled the number, it will disconnect and call you back.

To make a call:

  1. Enter the phone number in the international format, which is: + (Country code), drop the ‘0’ at the start (if you’re calling a landline, just drop the ‘0’ in the area code), then the rest of the number.
    Example: 0491 870 100 would become +61491870100
    Example: (07) 3716 1224 would become +61737161224
    Handy tip: Go ahead and change every contact in your phone to the international format before you head off. When you get back to Australia, that international format will still work.
  2. Your call will be disconnected. Your phone will then call you back, like magic!
  3. It’ll ring as normal for the person on the other end as it normally would, and when they pick up, you’re on.
    Handy tip: If you’re having trouble with the international format, try replacing the plus (+) with a star (*) at the beginning and add a hash (#) at the end. So +61491870110 would become *61491870110#

Update your data settings

When you’re in the comfort of your own place, with Wi-Fi handy, you’re best off updating your internet settings for when you start travelling.

On mobile, you’ll need to:

  1. Insert the Global SIM.
    Handy tip: If you’re using an iPhone, make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. Dial *172# and you’ll receive a text message. When it arrives, click the link in it.
  3. Switch on data roaming.

To turn on data roaming:

  • On iPhone: Go through Settings > Cellular or mobile data > Data roaming: ON
  • On Android: Settings > Wireless and networks > Mobile networks > Data enabled: ON
    Handy tip: Save money and data by switching off data roaming when you have access to Wi-Fi or you don’t need the internet.

Connecting to a better network

If you land in a country and find you’re not getting the best service, don’t just settle for the first network you connected to. With a Global SIM in your phone, you can pick the best network in the area and use that.

To change your network:

  • On iPhone: Settings > Carrier > Automatic: OFF > Choose Network
  • On other mobiles: Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Choose Network

Global SIM for iPad

What’s an iPad without data? Well, still pretty useful, but it’s better with data. If you’ve bought a Global SIM for your iPad, there are two ways you can get it up and running:

  1. Download the data configuration file
    Once you activate your Global SIM, you’ll receive an email with a data configuration file attached. Open that email and download the file on your iPad with the Global SIM inserted.
  2. Manual setup
    Go through Settings > Cellular/Mobile > Access Point Name > APN_ and change the Cellular/Mobile APN to: globaldata (all in lower case, no spaces). You can leave the username and password blank.

Handy tip: Ensure you have data roaming ON when you’re using data overseas. If you don’t want to use data anymore (or you have access to Wi-Fi), you can turn data roaming off to save on data. You can find the toggle in Settings > General > Mobile Data/Cellular Data > Data Roaming.