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MoneyGram® International Transfers

MoneyGram is no longer available with Travel Money Oz

As of 1 October 2020, customer will no longer be able to use Travel Money Oz to send or receive money with MoneyGram.

MoneyGram continues to operate globally, and customers can still send or receive money directly with MoneyGram, or their partner stores, which can be found on the MoneyGram website

Need to receive money via MoneyGram? To find a MoneyGram partner store that is open, please call MoneyGram on 1800 049 087, or visit the MoneyGram website. We cannot assist with any MoneyGram transactions going forward.

Need to complete an international money transfer? Customers still have the option to send money online via Travel Money Transfers; this is using a different service, not MoneyGram. Please note, this service is not a cash to cash service and is only for transfers above $5,000 AUD in a single transaction.