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International Travel Money Tips to get the most out of your Currency Pass

14th November 2019
Whether you are using our product for the first time, or are a seasoned Currency Pass traveller, we recommend checking out the following tips so your next trip is a breeze. 

Before you go:

- First things first, you need to order a card. We recommend doing this online, or in store at least 3 weeks before you depart.
- Departing in the next 2 weeks? Don’t stress, head in store and grab an instant issue card.
- Planning a party in the USA? We strongly recommend ordering a personalised card (with your name on it) as it will be more widely accepted.
- Once your card has arrived, ensure you register your account and activate your card (instructions come with the card – easy!). 
- Check out our budget planner, or speak to our experts in store, to work out how much money you will need for your trip. We can also advise how you should split your cash and card allocations. 
- Load your card with as much of this total amount as possible. This avoids you having to stress about transferring funds whilst overseas.
- Know your pin and keep it in a secure location. The pin is located on the letter you received with your card. 
- Download our app so you can view your transactions whilst overseas. 
- Forgot your password? Check out the online portal where you can reset it in a jiffy.
- Go too hard too fast and get locked out of your account? No stress, we will send you a password reset email and you can unlock your account.
- Lost your card before you leave? If you’ve still got at least 2 weeks before travel we can send out a new one, just give Mastercard a call. Otherwise, head to your closest store and we can provide an instant issue card.

You’re on holiday – yay! 

- When using the card, be sure to select credit 
- Connect to a secure wifi to monitor and track your spending on our app. It the connection is not secure our system might lock your account to ensure your money is kept safe
- Plan your ATM visits so you are getting money out in larger sums. This will help avoid excessive ATM fees. (The more times you use an ATM, the more fees you have. Ouch)
- Don’t wait for the balance to be $0 before you reload. Instead, reload at a point where you still have 4 days worth of money available. That way you won’t be stuck if there is a delay with the reload.
- When reloading, we recommend using your debit or credit card (just give your bank a heads up that you are travelling so your funds aren’t blocked).
- We use 3D authentication as a security measure when you reload funds. This is often linked to your Aussie mobile number through your bank, so make sure you have access to your number or have updated your bank with your international digits. 
- Don’t use your card as pre-authorisation or bond for hotels or car rentals. Funds can take up to 30 days to be released, which means 30 days of not being able to spend your hard earned holiday cash.
- Card lost or stolen? Contact Mastercard and either temporarily block or cancel your card. From here they can assist with an emergency cash out or even a new card. 
- Always insist on paying in the local currency, providing it is loaded on your card. This avoids you paying extra conversion fees (this is often called Dynamic Currency Conversion). 

Welcome home. 

Money left over on your card? To avoid cash out fees we recommend the following:
- Spend your money overseas (you know you want to)
- Keep it on the card as savings for your next trip. A lot of major currencies are accepted in a number of countries.
- Transfer your funds to AUD and use in Australia
So there you have it, a quick an easy guide to getting the most out of your Currency Pass. We’re happy to answer any more of your questions in store today. 
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