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Please check these answers to common questions before you submit an enquiry.

Q. I have foreign currency and need to change it into Australian Dollars, what do I do?

Unfortunately, we have had to temporarily pause the purchase of all foreign cash, there are no exceptions to this while our stores are closed. Our stores will not reopen until after significant international travel has resumed.

Q. I have money on my Currency Pass that I want to transfer into my bank account, how do I do this?

To cash out, login to your Currency Pass account and click on ‘Cash out’ in the menu. If you are unable to complete the online cash out process or have lost your card, please call 1800 098 231, press 1 for English, then press 3 for Address changes and other features, then press 3 for Other enquiries, this will put you into a queue to speak with an agent where you can request a cash out. 

Q. How do I find out the balance remaining on my Currency Pass?

Log into your account, and the balance will be the first thing on the screen under the heading Your Currency Card. Alternatively, you can hear your balance over the phone. Call 1800 098 231.

Q. My family or friends have sent me money from overseas using MoneyGram, how can I pick this up?

While our stores are temporarily closed, you cannot receive your MoneyGram transaction through us. Please call MoneyGram directly on 1800 049 087 or use their website to find an agent or complete their contact form.

Q. I need to send money to friends or family overseas with MoneyGram, how can I do this?

While our stores are closed, you can only send with MoneyGram online. Create an account and you can be sending within minutes. If you have any issues with creating an account or send, please contact MoneyGram directly on 1800 049 087 as we do not have access to their online sending system. 

Q. When will your stores be reopening?

The short answer is we are unsure, but it will not be until after significant international travel has resumed, which means it will not be in the next couple of months. For all the latests updates, please be sure to check our website regularly. We know this can be frustrating and we sincerely appreciate your understanding as we work to return our services to normal as quickly as possible!

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