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Exchange JPY to AUD

Selling Japanese Yen For Aussie Dollars

Back from Japan with left over currency?

You’re not the only one. Whether you’re a deliberate collector of foreign currency when you travel or it just somehow manages to hide itself in a pocket until you get home, now could be a good time to sell your foreign currency back to AUD.

Why sell leftover foreign currency?

Aussies love Japan. If the friendly people, amazing food, beautiful scenery and interesting history weren’t enough before, the Rugby World Cup is being held in Japan this year. All those Aussies means a lot of AUD-JPY currency conversions before you head over there, but what do you do with your Yen once you get home? You could store it in the sock drawer with your Euro and Pound from your last holiday 3 years ago, or you could sell it back to Travel Money Oz and put some of your hard earned back in your wallet?

How to exchange JPY to AUD with Travel Money Oz

Selling your currency back to Travel Money Oz is quick and painless, we promise.

  1. Take your leftover JPY out of your pocket
  2. Bring those notes to your nearest Travel Money Oz store and go through the buy rate of the day
  3. Sell your foreign currency for AUD
  4. Go on a spending spree (or buy more foreign currency for that next trip you just decided to take.



What is the JPY to AUD sell rate?

Due to fluctuating exchange rates and constantly changing conditions, the buy rate changes daily and will be different between Travel Money stores. For today’s JPY to AUD buy rate, simply contact your local Travel Money Oz store and we’ll be able to let you know.

Do you buy my Yen coins too?

Unfortunately we don’t buy back coins but there are a few cool things you can do with them instead of filling up a random glass with them or keeping them buried away.

Donate your leftover coins to charity:

We’re partnered with a UNICEF program called Small Change, Big Difference. This initiative collects unwanted foreign coins and uses them to protect and enrich the lives of children around the world.
Even a couple of coins can make a profound impact, allowing a child to survive and thrive. For example:

  • 1 UK penny = 1 day of clean drinking water.
  • 65 euro cents = a pencil and book for school.
  • 243 Thai baht = 20 doses of life-saving measles vaccine.


Donate your foreign coins to this program at any Travel Money Oz store and discover how your small change can make a big difference.

Do you know there are donation boxes at airports all over the world that collect your spare foreign coins and donate them to worthy charities? You probably don’t — according to’s research, less than 5 per cent of Australian travellers actually use them.
Airlines also accept leftover change on board and donate them to good causes.

Ready to start planning your next trip?

Our nifty budget calculator is no toy. It combines crowd-sourced Numbeo data and today's exchange rate to help you get a better idea of how much you might need overseas. Easy!