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Brighter Futures - Social Responsibility

Travel Money Oz is proudly part of the Flight Centre Travel Group Brighter Futures program.

At Flight Centre Travel Group, our philosophies are fundamental to everything we do - it's in our DNA. Our Brighter Futures Program brings our core philosophy, Brightness of Future, to life where we work, live and travel. We do this through the following initiatives...

Flight Centre Foundation 

This empowers our people to give back and have the greatest possible impact in their community through; volunteering opportunities, workplace giving, fundraising and working closely with our charity partners to address real need.

Worldwise - our Responsible Travel Charter

We believe that we have a role to inspire all people to tread lightly and travel responsibily. We do this by delivering responsible travel product and by encouraging our people and customers to travel the world responsibly with the 5 tips:

  • Shop local
  • Reduce waste
  • Respect different cultures
  • Conserve water and
  • Respect all wildlife


Environmental Sustainability

This is the demonstration of our commitment to protect where we work, live and travel. We do this by ensuring that when we do business, we seek out the best "green" way by reducing waste and choosing options that reduce our corporate footprint across our store and office network.

At Flight Centre Travel Group we live and breathe Brighter Futures across the globe and recognise that it is up to every single one of us to affect positive change now and info the futuer - it takes a village to look after our global village.

So, we ask you what it is that YOU can do to build a brighter future where you work, where you live and where you travel?

Not sure how to start? We have plenty of tips and hints and more information on