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Foreign Currency

Foreign currency exchange rates

From AED to ZAR, we’ve got over 60 currencies on offer at any given moment. Wherever you’re going in the world, we’ve got some coin to join. Just pop into any of our many stores across Australia for:

  • The best price against the Aussie dollar
  • Foreign exchange rates updated to the minute
  • The most knowledgeable and awesome service around.

Buying and selling foreign currency

We have stores across Australia ready to help you with your currency exchange.

You can buy whichever foreign currency you need for travel, or even trade back what you didn’t use for the Aussie dollar.

Just bring in your ID, let us know where you're going (or what foreign currency you're selling back!), and we'll ensure you take off with a great deal.

For the best exchange rate on buying and selling foreign currency, give us a call or visit your nearest location.

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