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Best Price Guarantee

At Travel Money Oz, we have a pretty simple rule of thumb:

Pull your finger out (of the pic) and take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee - because nothing ruins your holiday vibe more than a wayward thumb, or a bad exchange rate.


Seen a better deal? Here’s what you need to do:

If you’ve been given an official written quotation or seen a published rate from a competitor on the same day, don’t make that transaction just yet. Instead, bring us the quote or ad in store and we’ll beat it with our Best Price Guarantee. 

We can’t promise your next wanderlust-inducing profile pic will be finger-free, but we can ensure you’re taking off with more foreign currency in your back pocket. Maybe consider splashing the extra cash on a professional pic, instead of one where you’re squinting to figure out if that red blob in the corner is your mate's finger or just a really unique sunset.

Pictures aside, if you find a better rate when buying or selling elsewhere, bring it into your local Travel Money Oz, and we will beat it.

Yep, we guarantee we’ll beat any Australian competitor’s overall transaction price by $1AUD or more on any foreign currency we trade. And if we don’t give you the best price, we’ll give you $100AUD*.

For some practical advice on getting the best rate, read our blog post about exchange rates. For answers to commonly asked questions about exchanging currencies and other travel matters, check out our FAQs.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please read below.

In these terms and conditions, references to “TMOZ”, “us”, “we” and “our” mean Travel Money Currency Exchange Pty Ltd (ABN 46 121 451 723, AFSL 386837) trading as 'Travel Money Oz’. Our registered office is located at 275 Grey Street South Brisbane QLD 4101. You can also contact us on

1. For the purposes of these terms and conditions:

a) a competitor is defined as an Australian registered business or website operating in the same state as the TMOZ store from which the customer is claiming the Best Price; and

b) Overall Transaction Price is identified as the lowest "real cost" charged by a competitor for a transaction at any given rate. This includes all fees that a competitor may charge such as service and delivery fees, and fees that are hidden in the rate mark-up.

2. We agree to beat any competitor’s Overall Transaction Price for a foreign currency exchange transaction by the equivalent of $1 AUD if all the following conditions are met:

a) the competitor’s rate is an official written quotation or a published rate available to the public;

b) the competitor’s official written quotation or published rate is presented to TMOZ on the same day that it is quoted or published and prior to undertaking any transaction with us;

c) the rate of exchange is based on the Overall Transaction Price and includes (but is not limited to) fees (including delivery fees), charges, commissions or levies charged on the transaction by the competitor; and

d) the competitor has the foreign currency available in stock to complete the transaction on the same day the Best Price claim is made to TMOZ. For online rates and orders, this means the foreign currency must be available for collection at the competitor’s store on the same day the Best Price claim is made.

3. The Best Price Guarantee applies to:

a) competitors who are deemed to be foreign exchange retailers / Bureau De Change operators whether online or from a physical location;

b) the purchase and / or sale of foreign currency notes only. Currency Card and other similar products are excluded from the Best Price guarantee.

c) a maximum Overall Transaction Price of $5,000 AUD, or its equivalent in foreign currency.

4. The Best Price Guarantee offer does not apply to a competitor’s quote based on exchanges made using foreign currency exchange derivative products (such as currency futures, currency options, currency exchange traded funds or etfs, forwards, currency interest rate swaps, etc), or available via foreign currency exchange trading products whether online, in person or via a broker.

5. The competitor’s official written quotation or published rate must be available to a member of the general public and not exclusive to a closed user group.

6. Proof of the competitor’s quote or published rate must be provided by official written quotation from the competitor or must be published as an available Overall Transaction Price to the general public on the provider's website or marketing materials.

7. Quotations must state the specific time and date of the quote and be given to us prior to undertaking a transaction, to allow comparison in real terms against the current days opening mid-market rate. Due to the daily fluctuations of the rate of exchange, a Best Price claim can only be made on the same calendar day to ensure a fair and consistent competitor comparison.

8. TMOZ reserves the right to verify the quoted price and availability of stock with the competitor for a same day transaction by conversing electronically, in person or via telephone with that competitor.

9. Should an instance occur where a customer finds a variation in the cash exchange rate between the TMOZ website and a physical store location, or between various TMOZ locations, the best price applicable within that comparison will be offered to the customer. This excludes the Currency Card rate from the TMOZ website.

10. In the instance TMOZ is unable to beat a competitor’s official written quotation or a published rate, the customer is entitled to receive the equivalent of $100 AUD payable in the form of a Currency Card. Should the customer already hold a Currency Card with TMOZ, the funds will be loaded on to their existing card. Our Currency Card is a financial product and as such has terms and conditions associated with its issuance and use. These terms and conditions can be viewed in the product disclosure statement (“PDS”) available online at or in hard copy at any TMOZ store. Only one Currency Card can be issued per customer in total. In the circumstances a Currency Card cannot be issued or loaded, the customer is entitled to a $100 AUD voucher for use at a TMOZ store.

11. We will not be required to beat a quote if a customer does not comply with these terms and conditions.

12. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time or to withdraw from or suspend the Best Price Guarantee at any time without notice. In the event of large impact global events causing major disruptions to global currency markets. The Best Price offer cannot be used in conjunction with our Cash Commitment or Rate Move Guarantee, or any other discounts or promotions

13. The Best Price Guarantee is available to customers for personal use only. Commercial operators such as foreign currency wholesalers, other financial institutions or currency providers cannot utilise the Best Price for any purchase. TMOZ reserves the right to refuse to honour the Best Price offer to transactions which we suspect are not for personal use.

*** Version: 16 March 2023