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The Travel Guides Have Fun in Florida

12th June 2024

The Travel Guides American adventure continues this week as they head across the country to Florida! As always, Travel Money Oz is joining them on their journey as the

Official Currency Card of Travel Guides. With US dollars loaded on their Currency Pass, the Guides travel to the east coast of the USA.

With hundreds of pristine beaches on offer, sunny Florida is a prime place to vacay. There is plenty to do year-round, but if you’re heading to Miami like the Guides, the best time to visit is usually from December to May. The temps in summer can get stiflingly hot and hurricanes hit from June through to November.

Keep in mind that Florida is a prime Spring Break spot and Miami is particularly popular. If partying with college students isn’t your vibe, then you might want to check your dates – their break usually falls mid-March to early April. Or perhaps this is exactly what you’re looking for – you do you!

Keen to find out what Florida has to offer? Check out what the Guides got up to this week!

Your complete Travel Guides Itinerary for Florida


Travelling to Florida

It takes almost a day to travel from the east coast of Australia to Florida, which is plenty of time for the Guides to get excited for their trip. Matt is the most eager to touch down – he’s been pestering Brett to come to Miami for 20 years. Mark Fren reckons he’s watched every episode of CSI Miami, so he’s keen to see the iconic city in real life – minus the crime scenes. Kev says, “When you think Florida, you think swamps and just weird Americans.” Will Florida win them all over? Let’s wait and see…

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Stop one: Miami


The Guides land in the beautiful beachside city of Miami. It’s a hugely popular destination for American tourists and the home of celebs like Jennifer Lopez and the Rock. They’re staying just four blocks from South Beach at the trendy Moxy hotel. It has six restaurants and bars, two pools and – bonus ¬– the rooms are (relatively) affordable for this ritzy city.

They’re at one of the most famous shorelines in the world, so the Guides set off to see Miami’s South Beach from a new perspective with South Beach Parasail. The serenity of the seaside is disrupted by Bri and Karly’s screams as they’re “dipped like chicken tenders” in the ocean, while Dorian won’t open his eyes to take in the views. Surprisingly, Kevin says the experience is “much better than I thought” which we now know is a huge compliment coming from Kevin.

Back on solid ground, the Guides head out to explore one of Miami’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, Little Havana. Over 3 million Cuban expats live in Florida and Little Havana is the Cuban heart of the state. The Little Havana Walking Tour is a great way to discover its culture and cuisine. While foodie Victoria Fren is impressed by their culinary delights, Kevin is less wowed by the classic Cuban sandwich. He perks up though after a win at Domino Park – dominos is the Cuban game of choice.

Another neighbourhood that’s worth exploring is the arty district of Wynwood. It’s known for its street art, so the Guides visit the Museum of Graffiti, the world’s first museum dedicated to the art form. While Janetta calls graffiti “vandalism”, she embraces the chance to give it a go at their Spray It Loud class. Kev, Dorian and Teng think the class is therapeutic, although they’re unsure if the paint fumes have contributed to the calming effect.

Keeping in the subversive art theme, a trip to WEAM – the Wilzig Erotic Art Museum – is on the agenda. The collection includes over 4000 works of international art that celebrate the human form. While Bri and Karly and Brett and Matt breeze through the exhibition, Jono Fren looks like he’s searching for the exit the entire time. It appears seeing X-rated art with his parents was not on his holiday wishlist. Regardless, it’s a unique way to wrap up their Miami experience.


Stop two: Port Canaveral


It’s time for the Guides to hit the road and head north towards Port Canaveral. On route, they make a pit stop at Jungle Adventures to see the state’s famous alligators up close. There are an estimated 1.25 million alligators in Florida and around 200 of them call this wildlife park home.

With the rogue “Reptile Ryan” at the helm, this place really puts the wild in wildlife park. Brett describes it as “kind of like the Tiger King but with alligators” and Kev wades in to pat one. Karly and Bri are both left gagging after feeding the gators rotting chicken. They do, however, get some fun “souvies” and pay with their Travel Money Oz Currency Pass. There’s always a silver lining, hey?

Safely back on the highway, they head to the biggest cruise terminal in the world, Port Canaveral, which sees off seven million passengers a year. The Guides are setting sail on the Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas for a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas and back.

Cruise experts Kevin and Janetta have been on around 30 cruises and prefer small ships. The Allure of the Seas is absolutely not small – or alluring to Janetta. As the sixth largest cruise ship ever built, it has 16 decks, weighs a quarter of a million tonnes and can accommodate around 6000 passengers. However, Janetta seems to change her tune when she checks into a huge New York loft style suite and is brought champagne by a “Royal Genie” – their personal assistant for their stay. 

One of the highlights of the cruise is a day trip to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Matt and Brett are keen to try the local specialty, Conch Salad. Conch is a giant sea snail that lives in the Caribbean waters. This “chewy” salad gets a relatively good review until the waiter shows them the snail in its more natural form.

The Guides take a quick, 20-minute boat trip from Nassau to Sandy Toes at Rose Island, one of nearly 700 islands that make up the Bahamian archipelago. Rose Island is Insta famous due to its dozen protected pigs which swim in the crystal clear waters. Karly and Bri are particularly thrilled to meet these swimming social media stars.

Back on board, the Guides sample all that the Allure of the Seas has to offer. The Boys and the Fren Family try the FlowRider surf simulator and Mark discovers a hidden talent for hanging ten. Meanwhile, Matt and Brett have a refreshing drink at Rising Tide Bar, which quite literally rises like an elevator – it’s one of 17 unique bars on board.

The Boys and Kevin and Janetta have a different kind of elevated experience at the high-end restaurant, 150 Central Park. Kevin and Janetta are impressed by the cuisine, while Dorian’s verdict is that “rich people food is good”. Sounds like a successful dining experience all round.

The Guides’ cruise wraps up with a day at “Perfect Day at CocoCay” – a private island owned by Royal Caribbean. It’s the kind of place that is so idyllic that it looks like it has been AI generated. Whether you want to chill or be thrilled, there’s something for everyone at this exclusive island. The Boys opt for the latter – they head to the Thrill Waterpark to try Daredevils Peak, the tallest waterslide in North America. Dorian bails out at the last minute. Kevin and Janetta decide to chill in an overwater cabana at Coco Beach Club. The pair seem to be converts to the mega cruise life, despite their initial hesitation.


The Guides had a truly perfect end to their vacay. Their ratings are in and Florida has been a crowd favourite…

Kevin and Janetta: 5/5
Bri and Karly: 4.5/5
The Fren Family: 4.5/5
Brett and Matt: 5/5
Dorian, Kev and Teng: 4.5/5

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