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Vibrant cities, snow-capped volcanoes, world-class wineries

Chile is a country in transition, and it offers a uniquely astounding holiday destination to those looking for something a little different. Whether you want to brave the heights of the Andes, gape at the sculptures of Easter Islands, discover buzzing Santiago or take a dip in the El Tatio geysers, you will need some Chilean pesos on you to do it all!

In Chile, some tourist areas will accept US dollars as payment, but the exchange rate isn’t in your favour – you would be better off exchanging USD into CLP first and then paying with the local currency.

If you bring more than US$10,000 worth of local or foreign currency into Chile, you will need to declare it at customs. The same restriction applies for taking local or foreign currency out of the country.

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Today's Rate

1 AUD = 403.453^ CLP
^Online rate only. Will vary in store.

CLP   $


1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 pesos


1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 pesos

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Did you know? CLP Currency Facts

  • In local slang, there are informal names for some banknotes – like luca for 1,000 pesos, quina for 500 pesos, and gamba for 100 pesos
  • The CLP$1 and CLP$5 peso coin is quite worthless in Chile and are more likely to be used to fill up jars for decoration than to actually pay for anything
  • Some banknotes are informally named after the notable citizen that is printed on It – like the CLP$5,000 note is sometimes called a gabriela for Gabriela Mistral
  • As of 2012, all banknotes (except for the CLP$10,000 and CLP$20,000) are now made of polymer
  • The 2008 series of the 50 peso coin has the country name misspelled as “Chiie” instead of “Chile”. These coins were not recalled and are now collectors items

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