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Over 29 million merchants worldwide

For the security of travellers cheques with the compact convenience of plastic, Multi-Currency Cash Passport™ Prepaid Currency Card is the way to go.

The fastest and easiest way to move money

Travel Money Oz offers MoneyGram® International Money Transfer services to help people separated by distance meet their financial needs on the go.

24/7 emergency assistance

Travel Money Oz provides Cover-More Travel Insurance for single and family travel insurance policies with great rates.

Travel Money Oz Makes Foreign Currency Simple.
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Heading overseas for a holiday or doing business in another country? Make Travel Money Oz your first destination. Australian owned and operated, Travel Money Oz takes the hassle out of organising travel insurance, local currency and money transfers with super-smart, simple and streamlined ways to access money on the go.

Travel Money Oz is your one-stop shop for foreign and local money exchange, travel money cards, and travel insurance for your peace of mind. And for international money transfers made easy, businesses both small and large benefit from our streamlined services, great exchange rates, fee-free format and convenient locations. We buy and sell over 60+ different foreign currencies with no cash or commission fee, and offer the best exchange rates – all day, every day!

Need cash in a flash? Send or receive money throughout the world in minutes with MoneyGram Money Transfer services. And for the safest and most convenient way to carry multiple foreign currencies, Travel Money Oz provides Multi-Currency Cash Passport™ Prepaid Currency Cards available in nine major global currencies that you can access just like a debit card.

For convenient access to your cash, wherever and whenever you need it, count on your currency exchange mates – Travel Money Oz.