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Heading to Hong Kong for your next trip?

Whether you plan to tram it up to the top of Victoria Peak, take in the sights and smells of Temple Street Night Market, visit the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island or indulge in a night of tango or karaoke - you're going to need some Hong Kong dollars ready to go.  

Luckily, at Travel Money Oz we can offer you great rates on your AUD to HKD exchange.

The Hong Kong dollar is the official currency of Hong Kong, but it is also used in Macau. The two regions are close to each other and have currencies with similar exchange rates.

The dollar is broken into 100 cents, or sin in Cantonese.

The amount of 10 cents is called 1 houh in Cantonese, but a common English term for the HKD - especially for Western expats living in Hong Kong - is "honkie".

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1 AUD = 5.7504^ HKD
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Did you know? HKD Currency Facts

  • In Hong Kong, coins are issued by the Government, but banknotes are issued by 3 commercial  banks
  • HKD banknotes contain text written in English and Chinese, along with Arabic numerals
  • When British rule of Hong Kong ended, they replaced the image of Queen Elizabeth II on HKD coins with an image of the Bauhinia flower
  • The HKD is currently the 13th most traded currency in the world
  • Hong Kong is considered to be a highly free-market with a highly developed economy, and is part of the Four Asian Tigers - a phrase referring to Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan
Want to see how far your HKD will go? Check out our Hong Kong Travel Money Guide for expert tips and destination costs. 

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