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The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

A tiny island nation north of India which boasts endless beaches, diverse wildlife, tropical rainforests and a culture that extends back to 2,500 years.   

Few places in the world can offer travellers such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, unspoilt beaches and unique experiences.  And while you do, you may find it handy to have some Sri Lankan Rupee on you so you can enjoy all of it without worrying about exchange rates.

When you arrive in Sri Lanka, you can enter with up to LKR 5,000, however any foreign currency amount exceeding USD 15,000 or equivalent must be declared. If you want to get your LKR sorted before your holiday, you can buy your currency at any of our 130+ stores or order it online and just pick it up instore at your convenience.

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1 AUD = 95.1794^ LKR
^Online rate only. Will vary in store.

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₨10, ₨20, ₨50, ₨100, ₨500, ₨1000, ₨2000, ₨5000

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Did you know? LKR Currency Facts

  • The rupee became Ski Lanka’s sole legal tender in January 1872, replacing British currency. 
  • Sri Lankan banknotes are unusual in that they are printed vertically on the reverse.
  • Portraits of former Sri Lankan prime ministers and Sri Lanka’s former president have graced the fronts of Sri Lankan bank notes, while the backs have featured Sri Lankan fauna and flora, Sri Lankan landscapes and industries, and images depicting Sri Lankan culture, history, and achievements.

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