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Top tips for using an ATM

  1. Make sure you're using an ATM that accepts Mastercard
  2. Always press "credit"
  3. If you've entered your PIN incorrectly more than 3 times, your card will be blocked as a security measure. If this happens please give us a call on 13 61 95 or +61 (2) 8974 0856 from overseas.


Why are there extra ATM fees on my statement?

Every time you use an ATM, it's likely you'll be charged a standard ATM fee, with this, there may be additional charges from that ATM provider where you withdrew money. We've outlined this in our PDS so you're aware. The difference in fees may also be due to the transaction being made in your local currency, versus the currency of the country you're travelling in. We always recommend making purchases in the local currency where possible, and being aware of the ATM fees before you withdrawal cash as the more you use an ATM, the more fees you're likely to incur.


Overseas Contact Numbers

UK – 0800 056 0572
USA/Canada – 1877 465 0085
Japan – 00531 780 221
Thailand – 001800 442 212
New Zealand – 0800 444 691
Hong Kong – 800 966 321
South Korea – 00798 4434 1279
Other countries – +44 207 649 9404