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AUD News: Aussie dollar reaches 3 month high against major currencies

30th November 2018
Following on from yesterday's highs, the AUD has continued to strengthen overnight. 
Nothing says Friday like the sound of a cold one being opened to celebrate our Aussie dollar reaching three month highs against some of the major currencies. Who am I kidding, a celebration like that deserves some sweet-chilli philly, Jatz and maybe some honey soy chicken chips as well. Treat yo self. 
What do these highs translate to for Aussie travellers?
In short, it means more money in your back pocket (or stylish travel fanny pack, whatever floats your boat). 
Exchanging $2000 AUD for USD today will get you $1423.40.  If you had exchanged the same amount on the 10th of October you would be $53.40USD short, only receiving$1370. 
A bonus $53.40 is the equivalent of a homemade Christmas feast for two with all the trimmings - turkey and pumpkin pie included. Might be worth buying a bigger belt, or some stretchy yoga pants too - you’re gonna need it after your American Christmas feast.
$2000 AUD would have got you 1026.80 pounds on October 10. Exchanging the same amount today will give you 1100.80 pounds - a whopping 74 pound bonus.
A white Christmas in the UK calls for a gloriously ugly Christmas sweater, and I think 74 pound would more than cover that, plus a few cups of expertly-brewed tea to warm up your insides too. 
If you exchange $2000 AUD today, you’ll be leaving with 1232.20 euros, compared to 1173.20 on 7th of October. There are endless spending opportunities for your bonus 59 euros, but a festive night out at the Christmas Markets in Germany would be a serious contender foryour bonus cash. 
59 euros would get two people a glass of mulled wine, a bratwurst each (when in Germany, right?), some Christmas chocolates, a fun tree ornament to help preserve your European Christmas memories. As if that wasn’t enough, apparently garlic bread is a thing at these markets; so that is an obvious addition to the list as well. That’s 59 euros well spent, if you ask me. 
Let’s jump straight into it here. Exchanging $2000 AUD today would get you a bonus 10,272.20 yen, compared to exchanging this amount on the 9th of September. That means you’d be taking off with a total of 158,725.60 yen. 
A lot of Aussies will be hitting the Japanese slopes over the Christmas break and a bonus 10,272.20 yen certainly wouldn’t go astray, getting you any of the following:
  • An hour private ski lesson 
  • Two or three big nights out in the ski village 
  • Two nights’ accommodation in a dorm
  • Approximately 34 hot chocolates to soothe your cold, ski-abused soul.
The AUD’s resilience is a great story for Aussie travellers, however it may not last long (we certainly have our fingers crossed, though). 
This Saturday brings a meeting between US President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Markets are holding their breath awaiting the result of the meeting. Should it go badly, China is staring down the barrel of a 25% tariff on $250bn worth of Chinese imports
Such a result would not be good for the Aussie economy, or the AUD, as our stong trade ties with China means our two economies are intrinsically linked. Only time will tell how the meeting between these two leaders will play out, however, it is hard to deny that rates like those we’re seeing today are hard to resist. 
With this in mind, if you are planning an overseas adventure for Christmas, it might be worthwhile purchasing your cash online now, or dropping by your closest Travel Money Oz on the way to Woolies for your Friday nibbles to take advantage of these great rates. Don’t forget to add Rate Guard to your next purchase in store. It’s free, and it means that we will refund you the difference should the rate improve over the next 14 days*. 
BRB, off to buy some GBP and pick my Christmas sweater. I’m thinking cats and pom poms this year. 
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