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TRAVEL NEWS | Croatia is switching to Euros!

11th October 2022


Highway to the Eurozone


As of New Year’s Day 2023, Croatia will officially switch from the Kuna (HKR) to the Euro (EUR), becoming the 20th country to join the Eurozone.

So say “doviđenja” (goodbye) to the Croatian Kuna, and 'zdravo' (a formal hello) to the European Euro!


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Why is Croatia making the switch?


Political and Economic Benefits

Being part of the EU has economic benefits, thanks the European Central Bank’s monetary authority, including access to ECB liquidity – which means potential bailout in times of crisis.

Being part of the Eurozone also means lower interest rates and better credit ratings, and should also make payments easier and cheaper: all of which Croatia hopes will make the country more attractive to investors.

The move will also trim about 1.2 billion Kuna of foreign-exchange costs outside of tourism per year.

Travel and Tourism Benefits

Tourism generates a fifth of gross domestic product in Croatia – the economy is highly dependent on foreign travellers. The move to the EUR will also mean Croatia will officially become part of the visa-free Schengen Area, which they hope will boost the tourism economy even further.

What does it mean for travellers?


It means you won’t have to exchange your cash to the Croatian Kuna or apply for additional visas when travelling from any of the other countries in the Eurozone, making it easier than ever to visit Croatia.

What does it mean for your travel money?


UPDATE: Croatia has officially switched to the Euro. We are no longer exchanging Croatian Kuna. If you're travelling to Croatia, make sure to ask us for Euros.

Croatia is switching to the Euro from January 1, 2023. There will be a two-week grace period where both currencies are in circulation. However, after January 14 you will no longer be able to use the Kuna for payments.

As for your money, you’ll want to exchange it ASAP.

Been to Croatia and have leftover change?
Switch it back to AUD before November 1, 2022.

Heading to Croatia before the end of the year?
You can still grab Croatian Kuna from us until Nov 5, 2022.

Travelling Croatia next year?
You’ll need Euros for your trip from 2023 onwards!


What will the new Croatian coins look like?


All Euro (EUR) banknotes are the same regardless of country, however, the coins are country-specific!

The new Croatian 1 Euro coins will feature the kuna (an animal, also known as a marten), with a chessboard in the background on the Croatian national side.


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