2023 Annual Leave Travel Hacks to maximise your holiday time off!

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TRAVEL HACKS | How To (More Than) Double Your Holiday Leave in 2023!

6th January 2023


Max out your holiday and turn 20(ish) days off into nearly 60 (or more)!
Our Travel Money guide to making the most of your annual leave.

New Year’s Resolution to travel more this year?


Us too. We’ve been waiting years to explore the world, and our bucket-lists are longer than ever.

One problem… full time work can mean you only get about 20 days off per year.

But when life gives you lemons, make as much lemonade as humanly possible.

Squeeze every last drop out of your holidays with this annual leave hack that will see you more than double your time off.

In fact, it's pretty much tripled.

So, how does it work?


Basically, we’ve come up with a gameplan using every national public holiday -bookended by weekends- to get maximum time off for minimum leave taken.

All you have to do is take your 20 precious annual leave days, (plus a few spare or unpaid leave days if you can), and the public holidays do the rest!

As always, use this as a guide and retrofit to suit your personal holiday dreams.



January 2023 | Book four days leave for nine days off!

If you book your leave to sandwich the public holiday on Jan 26th, you’ll end up with just over a week to holiday!

This strategy works any time there’s a public holiday, so make sure to check your state for more. All you have to do is sandwich the weekend, taking the days around the public holiday off.

More time bundled together means more opportunity to travel, and we’re living for it!

How to hack the holiday…

Ask for these days off:

Monday, January 23
Tuesday, January 24
Thursday, January 25
Friday, January 27

… and you’ll holiday from Saturday, January 21st – Sunday, January 29th!

Some travel suggestions…


Wrap up work early on Friday and fly to Japan for a week of shredding up the powdery slopes before heading back home on Sunday. Make sure to take Japanese Yen (JPY) and make sure to book a hotel with an onsen and all-you-can-eat Japanese breakfast. Trust me.


Seeking more of a summer vibe? Bask in sunshine, sand, and sea by flying to one of our tropical neighbours. For Thailand, you'll need Thai Baht (THB), for Singapore you'll need Singapore Dollars (SGD), for the Philippines you'll need Philippine Pesos (PHP), for Malaysia you'll need Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), and for Indonesia and Bali you’ll need Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

April 2023 | Why not just take the whole month off?


April is by far the best month for holidays.
If you want to take an extended break to travel the world, this is the plan for you.

How to hack the holiday…

There are a few ways you can max out your break:

Option 1: Take four days around Easter for ten days off.
Option 2: Take the four days around ANZAC Day for nine days off.
Option 3: If you’re the type who wants to really savour the holiday, why not take the month off?

You can holiday for 32 days from the 31st of March to the 1st of May (which is also a public holiday for lucky Queenslanders!) for only 18 days of annual leave!

That’s four and a half weeks to explore to your heart’s content – whether you be living like a local or ticking off your bucket-list with a tour.


Some travel suggestions…


If you’re travelling early April, you’ll most likely be able to catch the stunning display of sakura flowers. The timing varies from season to season, and the blossoms also vary based on location in Japan, so it’s best if you do your research and/or ask your travel agent for advice. Make sure to take Japanese Yen (JPY) and try all the scrumptious sakura-flavoured foods! While you're there, why not check out these new Japanese attractions?


April is also an amazing time for adventure travel! The milder temperatures mean rugged terrain is slightly less exhausting to trek, and there are also fewer tourists so you can get that perfect snap.
You could explore Egypt and Jordan (take Jordanian Dinar (JOD) and Egyptian Pounds (EGP), and as a backup take some USD); trek Machu Picchu (Peruvian Sol (PEN) and also take USD); cruise around the Caribbean (also USD – such a globally used currency!); or maybe go on a safari in Sri Lanka, in which case take Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR).

PS: For the rarer currencies, make sure to pre-order at your local Travel Money Oz!

June 2023 | Take ten days off and get a free week of holidays!

Instead of just a nine day holiday, maybe you’re looking for a longer summer break.

In that case, you can take 10 days off, and holiday for two and a half weeks! Which is ideal if you’re planning a getaway with a flight longer than 8 hours (we’re looking at you, Europe).


How to hack the holiday…

Ask for these days off:

Friday, June 9
Tuesday, June 13 
Wednesday, June 14
Thursday, June 15
Friday, June 16
Monday, June 19
Tuesday, June 20
Wednesday, June 21
Thursday, June 22,
Friday, June 23

… and you’ll holiday from Friday, June 9th – Sunday, June 25th!


Some travel suggestions…


If you can leave early on Thursday, why not fly overnight and wake up in Europe?
From eating gelato in Portofino, to island hopping the Greek Islands, or even venturing up north for the Midnight Sun and Midsommer celebrations, there’s so much to see and do!
Make sure to take Euros (EUR) and any other currency you need if you’re planning on bouncing around!


Pacific Northwest Trail? Banff National Park? Yosemite? California?
Wherever you’re headed, it’ll be its most lush and beautiful – perfect for hiking, kayaking, surfing, cycling, or whatever outdoorsy activity you so choose. For Canada you'll need Canadian Dollars (CAD), and for the USA you'll need United States Dollars (USD).

October 2023 | Alternatively, book six days off for eleven days holiday!


Need to holiday for more than a week, but less than two? Say no more.
Ideal for group tours, a more relaxed travel style, or honestly? Just a break. You deserve it.

How to hack the holiday…

Ask for these days off:

Friday, September 29
Tuesday, October 3 
Wednesday, October 4
Thursday, October 5
Friday, October 6
Monday, October 9

… and you’ll holiday from Friday, September 29th  –  Sunday, October 9th!

Some travel suggestions…


Whether you’re looking for spiritual rejuvenation and the mystical side of Bali, rest and relaxation in a bamboo villa, the vibrant party scene, or are chasing waterfalls, Bali has it all. Make sure to take Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), and be sure to check out a traditional dance performance.


Venturing further north? From the island-speckled Ha Long Bay to ice-blue waterfalls of Laos, there’s a treasure-trove of destinations in South East Asia for the adventurous traveller.
For Laos you'll need to exchange USD for Lao Kip (LAK), for Cambodia you'll need Cambodian Riel (KHR), and for Vietnam you'll need Vietnamese Dong (VND).

December 2023 | Christmas Again! Three days leave for a 10-day holiday

Suddenly it’s Christmas again.

The years start comin’ and they don’t stop comin’ as the old proverb goes.

But we can hit the ground runnin’ with a bunch of time off (ten to sixteen days depending on what you like!) and live for fun, for a little while at least.

There’s so much to do, so much to see, so take the time off and explore the backstreets.

How to hack the holiday…

Ask for these days off:

Wednesday, December 27
Thursday, December 28
Friday, December 29

… and you’ll holiday from Friday, December 23rd  –  Monday, January 1st.

PS: If you also take off Monday Jan 2, 2024 to Friday Jan 5, 2024 you’ll give yourself a 16-day break!

Some travel suggestions…


The ultimate Christmas movie. Change my mind.
New York is an amazing destination for Christmas, from skating in Bryant Park, to the many Christmas shows, and, well, New York is New York! Plus, the Canadian Rockies are close enough, so you can always jet to go skiing. Take some USD (and maybe Canadian Dollars) with you… but maybe don’t spend as much as Kevin.


Not really a traditional Christmas person? Not to worry, because it’s also lupin season in New Zealand. Instead of mulled wine in alpine ski towns, why not venture to New Zealand and frolic through picture-perfect scenery framed with a million flowers? Take some New Zealand Dollars (NZD), hire a campervan, and live your road-trip fantasies.

Wherever you’re going on holiday this year, we’ve got the travel money you need!


Whether you’re taking a week off to island-hop Greece, a month to trek the Inca Trail, or maybe even taking the year to travel the world and find yourself… we’re here to help you get ready for your amazing adventures abroad.

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And for the shift workers, freelancers, contractors, and anyone else who has a schedule a little out of the ordinary, take the same concept and the world is yours!  


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