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Currency Pass Portal & App Update June 2024

Exciting News: Changes to Login for Currency Pass Portal!

We've got some fantastic news! In mid to late June (exact date coming soon), we're launching a brand-new authentication platform for the Currency Pass customer portal at

Why the change?

Our old customer authentication system is retiring, and we're upgrading to a new, improved system.

We’re always working to keep things secure, and will be introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This keeps your account extra safe and meets the latest regulations for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

What's changing?

  • Mobile Apps: Our current apps on iOS and Android will be decommissioned. But don’t worry! You can still use your mobile web browser for the same great experience - and a new app is on the way soon!
  • Login: The process remains the same, but the page will have a fresh new look.
  • MFA for Some Processes: Added security for password resets, registration, and updating account details.

Mobile Apps Update

With the new system, the biggest impact of this change means our current mobile apps will no longer work, and they'll be removed from app stores. You should use a web browser on your phones to access your account, offering the same experience as the app.

If you have the old app installed on your phone, you will not be able to log in, and the screen will instead show a message to use a web browser on your phone to access your account until we launch our swanky new app in late July.

New Login Experience

You will still log in at, but with a fresh look. The first login after the switch will prompt you to set up MFA – essential for extra security!

What is MFA?

MFA, or Multi-Factor Authentication, adds an extra layer of security. You might have seen this with banks, social media, or shopping sites. It means using a second method to verify your identity, like:

  • Email (mandatory for all accounts)
  • SMS
  • One Time Passcode (OTP) from an authenticator app

You will need to set up at least two of these factors during your first login after the migration. First step will be to verify your email, then choose to enrol in either SMS or OTP. Once this is complete, you can then access their account like normal.

When will MFA be required?

MFA won’t be used for every login, instead it will be required when resetting passwords, and changing account details such as address, email, phone etc.

MFA is replacing the old security questions we have on accounts now, with the exception of Mothers Maiden Name which is a requirement of Mastercard’s. So anywhere you would use those old security questions, instead you will be using MFA, including for resetting passwords.


What is changing with Registration?

If you are completing the online registration process to access your online account, you will be required to set up yout MFA (as per above process) including verifying your email address, and enrolling in either SMS or One Time Passcode as your second factor.
Once this is complete, you can then log into your account like normal. You will not be able to access your account until you complete the MFA set up.

What is changing with Password Reset?

If you are using the Forgot Password function on the website, this will require you to verify with MFA before you can complete the reset process and access your account.

Will I have to set up a new account or password on the new system?

No, all your account details including password will be migrated across to the new system, so you will continue to use your existing login credentials.

What if I don't have a mobile phone for SMS/OTP?

A mobile phone number is mandatory to set up a Travel Money Oz account.

I want further support

Please contact us

I am overseas at the time of the change and can’t select SMS as an MFA option

You can download any authentication app when on WiFi to complete MFA setup using One Time Passcode as your second factor.