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AUD to BRL Exchange Rate

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The rate displayed below is based on 1 AUD.
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Code BRL
Symbol R$
Centavo - 5, 10, 25, 50; Real - R$1
Real - R$2, R$5, R$10, R$20, R$50, R$100

Breathtaking Brazil

Indo para o Brasil? (That’s Portuguese for “are you going to Brazil?”) If you are indeed headed to this vibrant and enchanting destination for your next holiday, you may want to brush up on your Portuguese before you go. You should also look into getting your Brazilian reals ready so you have money available for samba dancing in Salvador, whale-watching off the coast, sightseeing in Rio and all that beauty Brazil has to offer.

If Brazil captured your imagination during the Rio Olympics, just wait until you see it in real life. With some of the biggest cities in South America, tiny frozen-in-time villages, lush rainforests and iconic beaches, there’s no place quite like Brazil.

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Historical Chart

AUD (Australian dollar) - Australia
today's rate
1 AUD = BRL on Cash
1 AUD = BRL on Travel Money Card

The historical rates chart makes it easy to compare the two currencies. Simply adjust the date range to see recent trends in the exchange rate. Political, world and local events can cause rates to fluctuate; but if you don’t find the rates you need, never fear. You can sign up for currency rate alerts, which will alert you when the BRL hits your desired rate.

Facts about the currency

  • Introduced to Brazil in 1994, the Brazilian real is divided into 100 centavos (cents). In 2010, a new series of banknotes was introduced, with added security enhancements and different sizes designed to help people with low vision.
  • In Portuguese, the word "real" means both royal and real.
  • Instead of using a decimal point for the decimal separator, Brazilian reals have a comma. The thousands separator for Brazilian money is the period. So $6,00 is actually 6 reals, not R$600, while $6.000 is six thousand reals. It might be a bit different than what you’re used to, but don’t stress meu amigo – you’ll get the hang of it.
  • The female effigy on all Brazilian banknotes, a young woman wearing a crown of bay leaves, is an important symbol of the Brazilian Republic.
  • Each Brazilian banknote has a different animal on the back. For example, the $20 has a golden lion tamarin and the $100 has a dusky grouper, a type of fish.
  • A constellation is printed on each Brazilian coin.
  • The BRL is also sometimes used in neighbouring Uruguay and Paraguay, so be sure to keep some handy if you plan to venture into either of these countries. So what are you waiting for? Rápido por favor!