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Take a tropical trip back in time on the Solomon Islands

It’s hard to believe this hidden gem is closer to us than New Zealand. Any trip to the Solomon Islands is a trip through nature, history, culture, and absolute serenity. Tour through one island and you’ll be camped on a beach, cooking on a campfire as the sun sets over the ocean, as far from the world as you can get. Visit another of the 1,000 islands in the region and you’ll find a glimpse into the dark history of the Pacific – the machinery both underwater and on land deserted from the Second World War.

Or why not venture a little further back in history? The odd village in the Solomon Islands still operates just as it did hundreds of years ago – no running water, no electricity, no internet, no supermarkets. Take some time in this ancient culture to charge your soul – not your phone.

Of course, not even the ancient civilisations are really accessible without the help of the Solomon Islands dollar, so it’s important to exchange your Australian dollars before arriving. 

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Historical Chart

AUD (Australian dollar) - Australia
today's rate
1 AUD = SBD on Cash
1 AUD = SBD on Travel Money Card

Need some Solomon Islands dollars? Check out the rate using the chart. If you’re not feeling it, you can sign up for currency alerts instead. When the exchange rate is right where you want it, you’ll receive an alert. Every extra cent helps if you plan on being as wealthy as King Solomon himself!

Coins and notes

The Solomon coins and notes are incredibly similar to the Australian system, so there’s no need to take study notes or conversion guides with you. You’ll find 10c, 20c and 50c coins, and the classic $1 and $2 coins on the top-end. The notes are exactly the same as ours – with $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 denominations.

Facts about the currency

  • The Australian pound sterling was used in Solomon Islands up until the nation was made independent in 1977.
  • Just like us, all Solomon Islands’ coins bear the face of Queen Elizabeth II, who is still Queen of the nation.
  • Banknotes take a more modern look at their culture, showing scenes of the traditional daily routines and culturally significant aspects of the Solomon Islands.