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AUD to TTD Exchange Rate

Code TTD
Symbol TT$
5¢ , 10¢ , 25¢
$1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100

Tantalising Trinidad and Tobago

Think popular island getaways are just so mainstream? Trinidad and Tobago will give you the beachside vacation you’re dreaming of without the crowds or pretence. This dual-island Caribbean republic is your go-to for towering palm trees and pristine white-sand beaches. Plus, it’s the birthplace of the limbo for crying out loud! Explore the natural beauty of Trinidad and Tobago and exchange your Aussie dollars for Trinidad and Tobago dollars today.

Fancy a Caribbean island escape? One day in Trinidad and Tobago will have your worries melting away while you sip cocktails by the crystal-clear water. From diving and hiking to waterfall swimming and a buzzing nightlife, wherever this unique destination takes you, you’ll need to swap some Aussie dollars to Trinidad and Tobago currency to get you through it. Their fantastic Carnival isn’t free, y’know.

Facts about the currency

  • Due to the islands’ combination of colonial powers (mostly French, Spanish and British), Trinidad and Tobago’s currency system once consisted of a bit of everything. Occupants used a combination of Spanish, Mexican, Portuguese and French currencies. Because this combination was so diverse and chaotic, they’d also use bartering (namely sugar) to make payments.
  • Trinidad and Tobago introduced its own dollar in 1964. Between 1964 and 1968, the Trinidad and Tobago dollar was used in Grenada until it re-joined the common currency arrangements of the East Caribbean dollar.