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Travel Money Transfers


What are my options when sending money?

You can send money through our friends at TorFX'll also save on your transactions with competitve rates and low fees!

What countries can I send money to?

Send to over 60+ countries and transfer in over 60+ currencies with our friends at TorFX.

How much will it cost me to transfer money?

If you transfer online with us and our friends at TorFX, it's fee free!

How can I pay for my money transfer?

If you're completing a Account to Account transfer with us online, you can send straight from your bank account.  We must have cleared funds to process the payment on your behalf, so in this instance you can't use BPAY or afterpay.

How long until the money is available in the recipient's bank account?

It can take between 3- 5 days depending on the receiving bank.

Is there an age limit for sending money?

You need to be 18 years and older. 

Is there a limit on how much money can be sent?

The limit with TorFX does not exist.

Can I send money online?

If you're wanting to send Account to Account, then you sure can! Follow these easy steps
1. Visit our international money transfers page 
2. Register online with Travel Money Transfers
3. Get a rate
4. Complete your transfer!

Can the person I am sending money to choose the currency they receive it in?

No, you (the "sender") will select the currency they will receive. This is due to exchange rates at the time of sending and ensuring you are not charged twice.



What is an Account to Account money transfer?

It's a quick, easy and secure way to send money worldwide. Plus, you'll receive exceptional personal service from a dedicated account manager.

How do I send Account to Account?

Register in store or on our website in minutes! You'll receive a quote and can complete your transaction online 24/7.