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Global SIM

Get a Cover-More Global SIM

Remind your friends of all the fun you’re having, or simply tell mum and dad you’re doing OK. With calls from 28c a minute, you can have all your holiday chats with the Cover-More Global SIM.

No more 'global roaming' bills

Would it break your heart to go 6 weeks overseas without calling your cat? Or maybe it’s friends and family you want to call (we won’t judge). Whatever your reason, the impressively low call and data rates with the Cover-More Global SIM keep you connected without the epic bills and fees.

  • New (and lower) call, text and data rates
  • Works in over 190 countries
  • Add a data pack for even more value
  • Extend the expiry of your prepaid credit at no extra cost
  • Works with phones, iPads and other tablet devices
  • Track and manage your usage online or on the Travel Money Oz App


  • Navigate like a local

    A data plan and a good maps app is all it takes for you to know the difference between Bologna and the meaty sauce.

  • Stay social

    Post your best holiday pics and stay up to date with what’s happening back home – just to remind you of how much fun travel is.

  • Keep in contact

    Call home and say “g’day” or simply find out where you’re going to meet up for lunch – it’s the simplest way to plan your day.

  • Cheaper than $20

    That’s right, the Cover-More Global SIM is just $19. But if you’re also signing up for a Cover-More Travel Insurance policy, that $19 becomes $0.

Global SIM FAQs

Global SIM cards are a multi-fit size, so it will fit every phone on the market. You should, however, make sure your phone model is compatible with the country you are travelling to, as communication frequencies can differ. This should only be a concern if you are using an older or basic model of phone and is particularly something to be aware of if travelling to the US, Japan or South Korea.

If you’re unsure about phone model frequencies, call the Customer Service line on 1300 815 505 in Australia or *500# from your Global SIM anywhere, and we will check it for you.

A Data Pack is a pack with data. Yep.

If you’re in need of any maps, apps, Facebook, FaceTime, YouTube or anything else you could possibly use internet for, the most cost-effective way to do it is with a Data Pack.

Good news! You can have up to 5 active Global SIMs under your name (but that includes any prepaid services from other providers you already have). They’ll cost you $19 a pop, and can all be managed from your Travel Money Oz Portal account.

Some providers will lock the phones they sell to only work with their own networks. If yours happens to be locked, the Global SIM won’t work in it.

Locks are only called ‘locks’ because they can be unlocked. If you give your provider a call, they should be able to unlock your phone within 24 hours. But if they’re not the nicest of carriers, you might cop a fee.

Of course! Check out our Getting Started page for all the steps on getting started.

That’s nice, it’s always good to have people in your life who want to call you. Simply tell them that your Global SIM comes with a UK-based phone number, so they’ll need to kick off dialling with +44. Unless they’re calling from a landline, then they’ll also need to enter the exit code of 0011 before carrying on with the rest of the phone number.

If you don’t want them to get angry about how much they spent on calls, be sure to warn them that international calls will cost whatever their carrier sets the rates at. So really it’s their fault if it’s expensive.