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Global SIM

The Global SIM is no longer available from Travel Money Oz

Thank you for your interest in the Global SIM.

Please be aware that we no longer offer the Global SIM to our customers.

What to do if you already have a Global SIM:

If you have already purchased a Global SIM, you can continue to use your SIM for calls, SMS and data via the service provided by United Networks when you travel.  Any credit on your account remains valid and you can continue to top up your SIM in accordance with the Global SIM terms and conditions.

After 2 July, all you need to do to continue using your Global SIM is go to to verify your account and set up a new password via live chat or give United Networks a call. 

For all Global SIM enquiries, please call United Networks 24 hours, 7 Days a week.

Phone from Australia:  +61 2 9003 9555
Call from everywhere else: 1300 299 698