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Terms of Use

This website at (“Site”) is owned and operated by Travel Money Currency Exchange Pty Ltd ABN 46 121 451 723 trading as Travel Money Oz, an Australian corporation with its registered office at 275 Grey street, Brisbane Queensland 4000 and its parent company Flight Centre Travel Group Limited (together "we", "us") and is provided for residents of Australia only. Among other things, this Site displays information about us and the products and services (specifically, foreign currency related products and services) that we provide.

The following "Terms of Use" apply to any individual or entity who accesses this Site in any manner (including without limitation via fixed line services and mobile applications) for any reason (referred to in these Terms of Use as "you").  Please read these Terms of Use carefully.  If you do not accept the Terms of Use, please do not use this Site.  By using this Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

From time to time it may be necessary for us to review and revise these Terms of Use. We reserve the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time and for any reason. If we make a change to these Terms of Use, the revised version will be posted on this Site.

1. Transactions using this Site 

1.1 All transactions are subject to the terms of the relevant third party service provider(s) (collectively,"Terms and Conditions").

1.2 You agree that you will not challenge the validity or enforceability of any contracts entered into on or through this Site, including without limitation any Terms and Conditions, on the basis of them being in electronic format and not physically signed or sealed.

2. Use of this Site 

2.1 As a condition of you using this Site, you represent, warrant and agree that:

(a) you are of sufficient legal age to use this Site and create legal binding obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of using this Site;

(b) you will only access and use this Site for lawful purposes, in a responsible and co-operative manner and in accordance with these Terms of Use;

(c) you will not use this Site for the purposes of reselling or making speculative, false or fraudulent enquiries, requests, bookings or transactions, or bookings or transactions in anticipation of demand;

(d) you will not impersonate another person or otherwise use another person's name, identification or log-in details without their permission;

(e) all information you provide on this Site is true, accurate, current and complete, and, in the case of information you provide about other person(s), you are authorised to provide such information;

(f) you will not knowingly introduce, or attempt to introduce, to or through this Site any virus, worm, trojan or other malicious code or disabling feature and you will not otherwise use any device, software or routine to interfere, or attempt to interfere, with the proper working of this Site;

(g) you will not take any action that imposes, or may impose, in our absolute discretion, an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on this Site's infrastructure;

(h) you will not frame this Site as part of another site or cache this Site for commercial benefit without our express written permission;

(i) you will not access, monitor or copy any content or material on this Site using any robot, scraper, spider, program, algorithm or other automated means for any purpose without our express written permission;

(j) you will not tamper with, hinder the operation of or make unauthorised modifications to this Site, including without limitation, deletion of content, data or infrastructure of this Site without our permission;

(k) you will not post or transmit to or through this Site any material which is unlawful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, inflammatory or pornographic or which may breach any third party rights (including without limitation intellectual property rights and obligations of confidentiality owed to third parties) or take any action that could be a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, breach any applicable law or which is otherwise intended to annoy, disrupt or harm us or others; and

(l) if you have a log-in account for this Site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your log-in details (including your password) and for all activities that occur using your log-in account.  Without limiting the foregoing, you agree to comply with the requirements set out in clause 2.2 below in relation to your Log-in Details.

2.2 Your Log-in Details

(a) Your Log-in Details are the key to accessing your Travel Money Oz Portal and protecting the security of your personal and financial information. Your Log-in Details are valuable and should be kept secret. This includes Log-in Details such as your Travel Money Oz portal password and security questions.

(b) When setting your Travel Money Oz portal password, you should not select a numeric code that represents your date of birth, a series of consecutive or the same numbers, your driver’s licence number, or an alphabetical code that is a recognisable part of your name.
(c)You will agree to tell us quickly and without delay by telephone by calling our help desk number, which is available 24 hours a day, on 136 195 (from within Australia) or +61 2 8974 0856 (if calling from outside Australia) if you think someone knows any of your Log-in Details.

(d)You must not voluntarily disclose your Log-in Details to anyone, including a family member or friend.

(e)You can record your Log-in Details to help you remember them but they must be reasonably disguised. You should NOT:

(i) put any Log-in Details on your currency card (if you have one) even if you disguise it;

(ii) reverse the order of your Travel Money Oz portal password;

(iii) say a disguised number is your Travel Money Oz portal password;

(iv) disguise your Travel Money Oz portal password as a telephone number;

(v) replace all or part of your Travel Money Oz portal password with letters or numbers (eg. A=1, B=2, C=3 or vice versa);

(vi) write numbers or words that contain the same sequence of numbers and/or letters as your Travel Money Oz portal password;

(vii) record it on any secure computing equipment where it can easily be retrieved; or

(viii) keep a record of it in close proximity to where it can be used or obtained (for example next to your secure computing equipment), unless you make a reasonable attempt to protect the security of your Log-in Details.

These are only examples. There are other methods that you should not use to disguise your Travel Money Oz portal Log-in Details, to avoid making them obvious to another person.

2.3 If you breach these Terms of Use or otherwise access or use this Site or any services available through this Site in a manner that is unlawful or which we consider, in our absolute discretion, to be inappropriate, we may suspend or terminate your access to this Site and/or services including any log-in account you may hold for this Site.

2.4 Without limiting the foregoing, if any activity using your log-in account for this Site (if applicable) indicates signs of fraud, abuse or unlawful or suspicious activity, we reserve the right to cancel any service you have attempted to use on or through this Site and/or report the matter to law enforcement agencies.

3. Site Content

3.1 All content on this Site, including without limitation the software, design, text and graphics comprised in this Site, the selection and layout of this Site and the infrastructure used to provide this Site and content, are owned by us or licensed to us by third parties and are protected by intellectual property laws (including without limitation copyright and trade mark laws) and you must not do anything which interferes with or breaches such intellectual property rights.  You may use this Site only for your personal and non-commercial purposes.  Except to the extent permitted by these Terms of Use and relevant copyright law, you must not use, copy, modify, transmit, store, publish or distribute the material on this Site, or create any other material using content on this Site, without obtaining our prior written consent.  You must not use or modify trade marks (whether registered or unregistered) or logos on this Site without obtaining our prior written consent.

3.2 Restrictions and conditions apply to all of the products and services offered on this Site and such restrictions and conditions may affect your eligibility to purchase or use such products and services and the prices set out on the Site. To determine the applicable restrictions and conditions, please contact us or the relevant third party provider (where applicable).

3.3 We will endeavour to notify you of all applicable taxes, charges and any other additional costs when you contact us about purchasing products or services (as at that date) but these may be subject to variation prior to your purchase.

3.4 Much of the content on this Site is supplied to us by third parties.  Therefore, although we take reasonable care to ensure all content on this Site is correct and up to date, we cannot check the accuracy of all such information where it is provided to us by third parties and do not accept responsibility for such information.  Third party providers may change their prices, details of their services and products and other information displayed on this Site at any time. For example, due to the fluctuating nature of currencies, any foreign currency conversion rates stated on the Site may need to be updated from time to time. For this reason, all prices and rates displayed on this Site are subject to change without notice and are subject to availability.  If you are unsure whether any information on this Site is correct or up to date, please check it with one of our representatives.

3.5 This Site may include links to third party websites which are not related to us and in relation to which we have no control or interest. These links are provided for your convenience only. The appearance of these links on this Site does not indicate any relationship between us and that third party or any endorsement by us of that third party, its website or its products or services.

3.6 Where we display special deals on this Site, these are usually available for a specified period only or until availability is exhausted.  We recommend you check with us whether a special displayed on this Site is available when you would like it.  Please check the details of the special deal for additional terms, conditions and restrictions which may apply to the special deal.

4. Third party products and services 

4.1 To avoid doubt, each of the following products and services available on the Site are made available by us as agent, and are subject to additional, product/service specific terms and conditions (including limitations of liability):
Travel Money Oz Prepaid Currency Card – view applicable terms and conditions;

Cover-More Travel Insurance – view applicable terms and conditions for TravelSure and Options; and

Cover-More Global SIM – view applicable terms and conditions.

By applying for, acquiring, activating or using any such products or services, you are entering into a contractual relationship in respect of the relevant product or service with the third party supplier on the basis of the above terms and conditions, and not with us.

4.2 We act as an agent for, and sell various travel related products and services as agent on behalf of, the third party providers specified in these terms and conditions, among many others. Any services we provide to you are collateral to that agency relationship. Our obligation to you is to (and you expressly authorise us to) request relevant products and services on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and the applicable providers. We exercise care in the selection of reputable providers, but we are not ourselves a provider of these third party products and services and have no control over, or liability for, the products or services provided by third parties.  Your legal rights in connection with the provision of third party products and services are against the specific provider and, except to the extent a problem is caused by fault on our part, are not against us.  Specifically, if for any reason (excluding fault on our part) any provider is unable to provide the products or services for which you have contracted, your rights are against that provider and not against us.

Travel Money Oz Prepaid Currency Card

4.3 We are an authorised representative of MasterCard Prepaid Management Services Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 47 145 452 044; AFSL 386837) ("MasterCard") and receive financial and non-financial benefits when you buy the Travel Money Oz currency card product (“Card”) through us. We and MasterCard are authorised to provide and arrange the nominated financial products on behalf of the issuer, Heritage Bank Limited (ABN 32 087 652 024; AFSL 240984).   We are not authorised to provide you with personal or general financial advice.

4.4 You must read the Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement before you request or purchase the Card you are considering purchasing, to ensure it meets your needs and financial situation. The FSG and PDS also contain information about the conditions, limits and fees that apply to the Card, and how you can access MasterCard’s Privacy Policy and complaints handling procedures.

Travel Insurance

4.5 We strongly recommend that you take out appropriate travel insurance to cover your travel arrangements. Travel insurance is also strongly recommended by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for all overseas travel.                            

4.6 We are an authorised representative of CoverMore Insurance Services Pty Ltd (ABN 95 003 114 145) ("Cover-More") and receive financial and non-financial benefits when you buy travel insurance products through us. We and Cover-More are authorised to provide you with general advice about, and arrange, travel insurance products on behalf of the insurer, Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (ABN 13 000 296 640, AFSL 232507).

4.7 You must read the Combined Financial Services Guide/Product Disclosure Statement before you buy the travel insurance product you are considering purchasing to ensure it meets your needs and financial situation. The Combined FSG/PDS also contains information about the conditions, limits and exclusions that apply to the insurance, the 15 working day cooling off period, and how you can access Cover-More's Privacy Policy and complaints handling procedures.

4.8 If you purchase travel and decline travel insurance, you may be required to sign a disclaimer.

4.9 If you purchase a travel insurance product from us via the site, you acknowledge that you may be sent a card setting out emergency insurance contact details, which also has the capability to operate as a pre-paid currency card.  By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you request that we send you this card (if available) and acknowledge its pre-paid currency capability. You do not need to apply for or activate the pre-paid currency function.

Cover-More Global SIM

4.10 We are an authorised representative of CoverMore Insurance Services Pty Ltd (ABN 95 003 114 145) ("Cover-More") and both We and Cover-More may receive financial and non-financial benefits when you buy Cover-More Global SIM products through Key to the World. Services are provided by United Global SIM Ltd.  Neither We nor Cover-More are the provider of any Global SIM products or services.

4.11 You must read and agree to the Cover-More Global SIM Terms and Conditions before you request or purchase a Cover-More Global SIM product. The Terms and Conditions also contain information about the conditions, limits and fees that apply to the Cover-More Global SIM, and how you can access Cover-More’s Privacy Policy and complaints handling procedures.

5. Itinerary Service

5.1 You can view your itinerary details in the restricted part of the Site (after login).  Not all of your bookings may be displayed in your itinerary details – these are limited to eligible itineraries booked through participating retail outlets only.

5.2 Itinerary details are provided for your information, but you understand and acknowledge that the displayed itinerary details may not be displayed in real-time and may not update to reflect changes, whether made by you, by us or by any third party (e.g. an airline or hotel).

5.3 You acknowledge that the information included in your itinerary may include information derived or received from a variety of sources and third parties.  Some of these sources and/or third parties are independent of us, and we take no responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any information displayed in the itinerary.

5.4 All reasonable care is taken in loading itinerary details.  However, we provide no warranties or representations that the information provided in the itinerary details is complete or accurate.  You should not rely on the accuracy of the itinerary information presented on the Site, and should in the first instance refer to any correspondence you have received from, or information published by, your booking consultant and/or relevant third party providers (e.g. airline or hotel).  We are not liable for any loss caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise, arising from use of, or reliance on, the itinerary information supplied.

6. Interactive Facilities and User Content 

6.1 The functionality provided on this Site may include interactive communication facilities such as blogs, discussion groups and other communication forums where individuals may submit or post reviews, plans, comments and other information (collectively, “Interactive Facilities”).

6.2 You are solely responsible for your use of any such Interactive Facilities and agree that you use them at your risk.

6.3 You agree that, by submitting, posting or otherwise providing any message, blog, data, information, recommendations, opinions, reviews, news articles, directories, guides, text, music, sound, photos, video footage, art, illustrations, imagery, design, graphics, logos, audio clips and images, code or other material (“Content”) to or through this Site (including by using Interactive Facilities), You:

(a) grant to us and our affiliates (including, without limitation, our related entities) a worldwide, nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, transferable, irrevocable and fully sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, broadcast, communicate, create derivative works from, publicly display and perform such Content throughout the world in any media, for any purpose whatsoever (“Licence”);

(b) expressly acknowledge that we may sub-license our rights under the Licence to third parties who may make use of the Content consistent with the Licence including, by way of example, on websites, in a written publication, compilation of works, training materials, film, television program, script or screenplay of either ourselves or a third party expressly authorised by us;

(c) grant us and our affiliates and sub-licensees the right to use your name or any other name that you submit in connection with such Content, at our discretion;

(d) waive any entitlement to any moral rights you may have as an author of the Content (and warrant that you have obtained a waiver of moral rights from any person who may have such rights in the Content); and

(e) agree that we are under no obligation to treat the Content as confidential.

6.4 We reserve the right to, at our absolute and unfettered discretion, remove, screen, edit or refuse to post without notice any Content submitted to, posted or stored on this Site (including the Interactive Facilities) at any time and for any reason. We accept no responsibility or liability for any Content posted, stored or uploaded by you or any third party, or for any loss or damage to any such Content. We accept no responsibility for statements, representations or other Content provided by you or other users of the Site, including individuals using Interactive Facilities. We reserve the right to disclose any Content as necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation or lawful request. You shall be solely liable for any damages resulting from any infringement of copyright, trade mark, or other proprietary or other right or loss or damage in connection with your use of this Site or submission of Content.6.5For the avoidance of doubt, these Terms of Use do not restrict your rights to re-use Content you have posted or otherwise provided to or through the Site.  However, other terms may apply different conditions to certain Content (e.g. competition terms and conditions).  To the extent of any inconsistency between these Terms of Use and any of our terms which apply to specific Content, the latter will prevail.

7. Indemnity 

7.1 We do not exclude any rights and remedies in respect of goods or services under applicable law which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified. However, to the fullest extent possible, and subject to our liabilities and obligations under applicable law:

(a)we do not warrant the accuracy, currency or completeness of the content which you access through this Site. The content is provided to you "as is" and on an "as available" basis and on the condition that you accept all responsibility for assessing the accuracy of the content and rely on it at your own risk. All content which you access through this Site may be changed at our sole discretion and without notice;

(b)we will have no responsibility or liability in relation to any loss or damage that you incur, however caused, including damage to your software or hardware, arising from your use of or access to this Site; and

(c)we do not warrant that functions of this Site, or which you access through this Site, such as hyperlinks, will be uninterrupted, timely or error free, that defects will be corrected or that we or the server that makes it available, are free of viruses or bugs. Because of the nature of the Internet, we do not warrant that this Site will be secure and we will not be liable for any disruptions to the Site

7.2 You indemnify us and our officers, employees and agents against all losses, costs, damages, claims and expenses arising from breach of these Terms of Use by you or any of your officers, employees or agents.

7.3 To the extent permitted by law, neither Flight Centre Travel Group Limited nor any of its related bodies corporate, directors, employees or agents accept any liability in contract, tort or otherwise for any injury, damage, loss (including consequential loss), delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by the acts, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of third party providers over whom we have no direct control, force majeure or any other event which is beyond our control or which is not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part. Under circumstances where our liability cannot be excluded and where liability may be lawfully limited, such liability is limited to the remedies required of us under applicable law (including the Australian Consumer Law).  This liability clause is subject to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law and nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to limit any rights you may have under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

8. Security 

8.1 The online transaction/booking facilities of our third party providers utilise Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure the security of all online booking transactions.  SSL encryption is automatically enabled whenever the user submits confidential information to us via the Internet

8.2 Within our online transaction/booking facilities there are two methods of transmitting credit card information to the booking; either the user submits their details during the transaction/booking process or, if the user has an existing profile, the information is sent directly from our profile database into the transaction/booking, bypassing the Internet entirely.

9. Privacy 

9.1 We will handle your personal information in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in our Privacy Policy which is posted on the Site. By providing personal information to us, you agree that our Privacy Policy will apply to how we handle your personal information and you consent to us collecting, using and disclosing your personal information as detailed in our Privacy Policy. In particular, you agree that in certain circumstances (such as where you request to purchase a product from a third party provider located overseas), we are permitted to disclose your personal information to overseas recipients. These third party service providers will in most cases receive your personal information in the country in which they will provide the services to you or in which their business is based. We may also disclose your personal information to our overseas related entities and to service providers who perform services for us outside of Australia. Generally, we will only disclose your personal information to these overseas recipients in connection with facilitation of the products or services requested by you and/or to enable the performance of administrative and technical services by them on our behalf. Where we disclose your personal information to any person (including all overseas recipients), you agree that we will not be required to ensure that person’s compliance with Australian privacy laws or otherwise accountable for how the recipient handles your personal information. When used above, “disclose” includes to transfer, share, send, or otherwise make available or accessible to another person or entity.

9.2 To avoid doubt, and without limiting any provision of our Privacy Policy, you agree that we are permitted to disclose your personal information to any of the third party providers specified in these terms and conditions in connection with any request for, purchase of, or action in connection with a product or service offered by that third party provider by you.  You consent to such personal information being handled by the third party provider in accordance with that third party provider’s privacy policy as set out [on this Site] from time to time.

10. Cookies

10.1 A cookie is a small piece of text that is placed within the memory of a computer and can be later retrieved by web page servers. We use cookies to enhance your interaction and convenience with our website and do not use cookies to record any personal information.  This Site may store cookies on your web browser in order to improve service for you on your subsequent visits to the Site.

10.2 By using cookies, web sites can track information about visitor’s use of the Site and provide customised content. Most web browsers can be configured to notify the user when a cookie is received, allowing you to either accept or reject it. You may also inspect the cookies stored by your web browser and remove any that you do not want.  If you disable the use of cookies on your web browser or remove specific cookies from this Site or linked sites, then your use of the Site may be restricted.

11. General 

11.1 In these Terms of Use, the term “Site” includes any email bulletins or content that we provide to you via or initiated from this Site.

11.2 If any dispute arises between you and us, the laws of Queensland, Australia will apply. You irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland, Australia, and waive any right that you may have to object to an action being brought in those courts.

11.3 Please contact us on 136 195 (from within Australia) or +61 2 8974 0856 (if calling from outside Australia)  if you have any questions about these Terms of Use or your use of the Site.

These Terms of Use were last updated on 15 April 2016