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Key to the World customers

Changes to the Key to the World Currency Card

We want to ensure you can always make the most of your hard earned spending money. After all, the only thing you should have on your mind while abroad is what activity, meal or cocktail you'll enjoy next... NOT how you're paying for it.

We have implemented some exciting changes to our Currency Card. Don't stress though, if you currently have a Key to the World card, any money you have loaded remains safe and ready to use on your next holiday. 

Your portal

The portal where you manage your card has moved from Key to the World to Travel Money Oz. This is now accessible via

Once logged in, you may notice some small style changes, but all functionality remains unchanged.

Download the new app

The Key to the World app has been replaced by the new Travel Money Oz app. All existing functionality is available in the new app so you can continue to manage your Currency Card, Insurance, Global SIM and/or Itinerary. Please log in with your existing Key to the World credentials, you do not need to register again.

Download the Travel Money Oz app from the App Store   Download the Travel Money Oz app from Google Play

From 1 February 2018

  • The negative balance FEE of $20 was REMOVED.
  • The 5.95% currency conversion FEE was REMOVED and replaced with the Spend Rate.

This means more money in your pocket (or card)... and it doesn’t stop there.

From 6 February 2018

  • We have changed the name of our Currency Card from Key to the World to Travel Money Oz Currency Pass.

    Rest assured, this is not a change for how you use the product. Your card is still valid until the expiry date on the front. There will be a new look for the online portal PLUS we have released a new app.

    Why the change you ask? We are proud of our currency card and therefore it should be a product under our great, easy accessible Travel Money Oz business. With over 130 Travel Money stores nationally, it makes sense. We are here to help you re-load your card, offer support and guidance and help with cashing out your card and much much more. PLUS you can still purchase and re-load travel money cards at any Flight Centre, Escape Travel, Cruiseabout, Travel Associates and Student Flights store nationally.

    What will I need to do then? 
    - The Key to the World website will no longer exist. Instead you can access and manage your card from Travel Money Oz's website via - all your current login details for the online portal/app will remain the same and you won't need to register your account again.
    - Install the new Travel Money Oz app.

  • Minimum load and reload amount has changed $100 to $20.

  • The instore reload FEE of 1.1% of the total amount has been REMOVED.

Further changes coming soon

  • Reload funds onto your Card through your own bank account via bank transfer, which will have NO reload FEE.

  • Electronic statements will be available soon for greater convenience.

Now for the legal stuff

These changes will be reflected in a new Product Disclosure Statement that will be effective from or after 6 February 2018, and replaces the Key to the World Product Disclosure Statement and Terms & Conditions document. Pursuant to clause 16 of the Key to the World Terms and Conditions, “Changing these Terms and Conditions”, we hereby give you 30 days’ prior written notice of the changes.

Need help?

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 136 195.