Have you ever gone to do something by habit, such as paying for a coffee with a nonchalant tap of your card, only to realise that cash was probably the better choice because you're being asked about dynamic currency conversion in a Vietnamese corner store, and your pre-coffee brain is not ready for this kind of decision making? Or maybe you've done the awkward shuffle trying to pay for dinner without 2 weeks worth of spending money spilling out infront of the waiter.

In order to make the most your holiday and hard earned spending money, it's important that you Speak the Local Lingo of your destination, and travel with the right cash and card mix to suit your travel style.


Foreign Cash

We've got over 60+ currencies to get your travelling hands on - and yeap that includes some very exotic currencies too.
Cash is super handy for paying for smaller meals, tipping, transport or small amounts of shopping. It's also very helpful if you have a airport stopover for a few hours!

A Pre-paid Travel Money Card

There are lots of reasons why a pre-paid Travel Money card is a must-have for your money belt. With our Currency Pass card you can load up to 10 currencies on one card, lock in your exchange rate+ and heaps more. 
Use your Currency Pass card overseas to pay for those larger shopping items, top up your cash flow at an ATM and have the peace of mind that it's not directly linked to your bank. 

You can buy both your foreign cash, and Currency Pass card online or from one of our 130+ stores nationwide!

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