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Top 3 Singles Destinations 2024 | Singles Awareness Day

15th February 2024

Spoil your single life by travelling!

Singles Awareness Day 2024 | S.A.D.

Alright, here we are, the singles. Rough day yesterday hey?
Today 15th February is Singles Awareness Day, also known as S.A.D. But, who says being single is sad? Being single is the new black!
Expel those schewpid ideas that link being (and travelling) single with loneliness and lack of love. Love transcends couples and is definitely not only tied to romantic relationships, let love flood your friendships, projects and LOVE YOURSELF!

Travel Being Single

Let’s be real, travelling without a partner is way more interesting and fun (don’t brag about it to your friends in relationships, they are still sitting on a couch trying to agree on a destination) than travelling with a partner. Either if you are travelling solo or with friends, trips being single are legit the BEST trips you’ll ever have in your life, and the ones you’ll remember with the biggest smile on your face.
And hey, who knows you may be lucky and find a brief travel-love (one of those short, intense and platonic-ish loves) or you may meet your future partner on one of these trips!
So, take that Annual Leave, book your flights, and let’s embark on this adventure!
Essential: Being single means all responsibilities for your travel is on you, so don’t be dummy and get your travel money sorted before you head to your destination.

Top 3 Singles Destinations

If you need some inspiration, have a look below and pick your own adventure.

1. San Francisco, USA

Let’s start with San Francisco. Some of you may be surprised by this choice, but the iconic city of San Francisco has everything you need as a single traveller. Either if you are travelling with friends or solo, San Francisco offers stunning landscapes for you to capture with your camera, and a vibrant city with heaps of meet-ups, events and parties, you will definitenly not feel lonely here.
Top tip: Don’t miss Dolores Park on a Sunday, you’ll meet the craziest yet most fun people in your life.

2. Ibiza, Spain

Couples may have Paris for their corny shid, but singles, oh boy, we have Ibiza. Travel to this magical Spanish island and fly high listening to some energetic music while you catch the sunset and experience the Spanish summer love! (Yes, travel to Ibiza during Euro Summer)
Tip for flirters: Learn some Spanish words to impress the local flirts ;) Example: I love you = Te quiero

3. Sapa, Vietnam

Being single is a self-knowledge adventure, and there is nothing more adventurous (without being too mainstream and going to India) than a solo trip to Vietnam! Vietnam offers a safe environment, so you can explore, wonder, and get lost without worrying about safety issues.
If I were a solo traveller and wanted an authentic experience, I wouldn’t miss the rural area of Sapa and go on big hikes and visit local villages to witness their traditional handcrafts and engage with the community. If you need the best guide in Sapa, please say hi from Julen and tell her I still keep her ring.

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