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Top 3 Couples Destinations 2024 | Valentine's Day

13th February 2024

Best Valentine's Day gift you can think of!

Valentine's Day 2024

Oh, love! Valentine’s day is here, and I know for a fact that sometimes getting Valentine’s Day gifts can be challenging, especially for those in long-term relationships - you are doing well guys, keep it up ;) 
Wine, roses, jewellery… There are many options to choose from, but no one wants to be the boring and predictable partner, this year be brave & bold and gift your partner an unforgettable experience by… TRAVELLING!
Choose a romantic destination and make everything out of it to strengthen your relationship by going somewhere where the power of love can be felt radically. Give your partner the full romantic fantasy (and don’t f*ck screw it up – organise your travel money before travelling).

Top 3 Couples Destinations

If you need some inspiration, have a look below and pick your own love adventure.

1. Paris, France

Oh la la! A classic. And although there’s a risk of being too cliché, Paris is always a safe bet for couples. Untie the romantic side of you, let loose and create a full fantasy love story while walking down the streets of Paris. Holding hands at the Champs-Élysées, kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower… there is nothing like ‘too corny’ in Paris, plus no one knows you in Paris, go crazy.

For extra brownie points with your partner, watch the Moulin Rouge movie, and sing Your Song from the movie with the hotel windows wide open! Remember no one knows you in Paris.

2. New York, USA

If you thought there is no city like Paris for couple’s holidays, well, think again. This one is for the city couples, the sophisticated ones, the cultural couples, the independent ones. As said in Breakfast at Tiffany’s: “We don’t belong to each other: he’s an independent, and so am I.” Experience this captivating city as a couple by attending cultural events, galleries, bars & shops.

Idea: pick one of the days to enjoy it on your own, and then go to a vibrant restaurant for dinner and tell each other your day’s adventures and findings!

3. Bali, Indonesia

And of course, Bali. Leave the hustle and bustle of the cities behind and have your well-deserved chill and relaxing holidays in Indonesia’s cherry on the cake. Eat, Pray, Love. You may as well follow the movie’s mantra while you are with your significant other in Bali. Eat the most delicious food, Pray (to your god of choice or to love itself) and Love while you watch stunning sunsets along the beach.

Grab your partner, pack some swimmers, shorts, singlets and plenty of water, and head to the most visited island in Indonesia.

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