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YEAR OF THE DRAGON | 2024 Horoscopes & Red Envelopes

31st January 2024

Happy Lunar New Year and welcome the Year of the Dragon!

Year of the Dragon... and what it means for you

First thing’s first: What is Lunar New Year and Where is it Celebrated?


Lunar New Year is a collision of calendars – it’s the first New Moon on the Solar Calendar, marking the first day of the Lunar Calendar.

This special date is celebrated all around the world – of course in China, but the celebration and Zodiac Animals became so important that they travelled to many East Asian and South East Asian countries including:

China (CNY)Japan (JPY)Korea (KRW)Malaysia (MYR)Philippines (PHP)Indonesia (IDR)Singapore (SGD)Vietnam (VND)Thailand (THB) and more.

In each of these countries there are slight variations in the animals and the myths, but they’re honoured with the same reverence. If you want to learn about the myth, read our blog!

This year is the Year of the Wood Dragon

It’s said to be a year of excitement.

The Dragon is the only mythical creature in the Zodiac, symbolised by power, nobility, charisma, luck, honour, success, and with no parallel for talent and excellence! So if our year is governed by such a magnificent creature, it’s sure to be a good one.

February 4th is said to be a particularly special day when the Lunar New Year falls, and the Dragon comes into power. From Feb 10, the Yang energy of Wood (the ruling element of this year and associated with growth, inspiration, and expansion) will come into play so prepare for some unpredictability… at least you won’t be bored. In fact, it’s especially powerful if you’ve been feeling stuck and craving change – the energy of the Wood Dragon is said to help spark new changes!

In summary, the 2024 Year of the Wood Dragon is said to be a year of good fortune, strength, confidence, success, and exciting new adventures.

Our favourite Lunar New Year tradition… Red Envelopes!

Of course, it’s an incredible and important time of year for clearing out the old to make way for the new, and for spending time with family and honouring ancestors. These beautiful and cherished traditions cannot be understated.

However, of course, we do have a favourite tradition based on our Travel Money niche… Red Envelopes, or, Hongbao.

In this tradition, elder family members gift their children and grandchildren red envelopes filled with money (symbolising prosperity), to bestow good fortune for the year ahead. This abundance-bringing tradition can also be extended to colleagues and friends!

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