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Travel Money Oz: Our Election Promises

14th May 2019

Your local member for getting a bloody good deal on foreign currency. 

With less than a week until the Australian Federal Election, the team at Travel Money Oz were scratching their heads over who to vote for. Rather than settle for any of the current candidates we said ‘what the heck’ and created our own party. So, without further ado, we present the Travel Money Oz Political Party. 
First of all, yes we could have been more creative with the name, but time was short and we had bigger fish and chips to fry. You try and think of a name, write some policies and secure a majority vote with less than a week until the election. 
Second of all, we should probably make it clear that we aren’t competing for a seat with the big dawgs in the Senate. Instead, we are competing for a place in your wallet when you purchase foreign currency
If you’re like us, you are pretty sick of having election jargon, false promises and pollies eating pastries at suburban bakeries filling up your newsfeed. Tune out of the fuss, and the country altogether, by taking an overseas holiday. All we request is that you Vote 1: Travel Money Oz when it comes to getting your foreign currency. At the end of the day, our focus is to give you a fair dinkum deal. 
Our policies and election promises back up this focus. At Travel Money Oz we say scoNO to excessive fees and commissions because we don’t you to be left SHORTen on your foreign currency. How do we do this? By offering nothing but Hanson rates in-store and online
“No fees or commissions AND great rates?... Please explain.”
A key focus of our campaign is convenience and good value. With over 150 stores across Australia and New Zealand, we think we’re pretty convenient. Sure, we’re not as convenient as paying an arm and a leg at the airport with 2 minutes to spare before your gate closes… but convenient nonetheless. 
We’ll admit that we’re not at the airport, because we chose to abolish the airport tax. Why should you be scalped of your hard earned holiday spending money right before you board the plane? That, my friends, is daylight robbery, to which we say ‘We will not charge excessive fees purely to take advantage of customers. We will not. And our customers will not waste money and pay excessive airport fees to other foreign exchange retailers. Not now, not ever.’ 

In line with these beliefs, our party operates under five key policies. 

Policy 1: Best Price Guarantee

This one is pretty self-explanatory, you find a better price and we will beat it*. Regardless of the currency you are exchanging we will give you the best rate. Just bring it a same-day, written quote from any of our competitors and, hey presto, you’re taking off with more!

Policy 2: Rate Guard 

Currency fluctuations are a bit like politics - super volatile, sometimes deceiving and often hard to understand. Whilst we can’t guarantee what is going to happen with exchange rates, we can give you some peace of mind. 
Add Rate Guard to your purchase in-store and if the exchange rate changes within 14 days we will refund you the difference*! Think of it as a tax refund - you’re not sure how much you’ll get, but anything extra is a bonus towards your holiday (or a new widescreen TV). 

Policy 3: No Fees or commissions 

There is nothing worse than a false promise, especially if it means you lose money as a result. Unlike our competitors, the rate you see is what you get, no extra fees, taxes or fees are added on at the end. We care about transparency and are pretty serious about avoiding hidden extras. You beauty. 

Policy 4: Expert Advice

Everyone hates being forced to listen to someone give you advice on a topic they clearly have no idea about. Who cares about the actual truth? Let’s just talk about the truth we believe in. 
At Travel Money Oz we’re pretty sick of this and pride ourselves on being experts on both travel and travel money. Not sure how much you should tip in Cambodia? Or uncertain on how to split your money between cash and Currency Pass in Europe? We can answer these questions and more. 
The best bit? If we don’t know we won’t rattle off some random answer in the hope of impressing you. Instead, we will do actual research and get actual facts to ensure you are leaving for your holiday equipped with the correct information. 

Policy 5: Cash Commitment

Imagine being promised something, only to not receive it or any compensation for the loss? Crazy talk. 
We know your time is precious, so when you visit us in store we promise to have specific currencies in stock. If we don’t have them, well we’ll give you up to $100*. YES. WE. CAN. 
So, there you have it. A simple guide to where your vote should go the next time you’re purchasing foreign currency.
We are not conservative with our rates, nor are we liberal with our fees. So grab yourself a good old democracy sausage, put your onions out and Vote 1 Travel Money Oz.
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*Terms and conditions apply to Rate Guard, Best Price Guarantee and Cash Commitment. See for more details.