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15 things to spend your money on instead of gambling in Vegas

20th September 2019

Las Vegas: the city of sin and spending more money than you care to think about. A hotspot for bucks, hens, birthdays, once in a lifetime trips and everything in between, the neon city emulates an aura of wealth, glamour and good times. 

If you’re like me, and gambling isn’t really your thing, you can be left scratching your head over what to do in Vegas. Scratch no more, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best (and worst) things you can spend your money on while in Vegas. 

1. See a show: 50 - 300 USD. Every night the Vegas strip is brimming with DJs, singers, magicians, circus and musicals waiting to entertain you. While tickets are often available on the day, we recommend booking in advance to secure your seat and get the best price. Better yet, if you’ve got a Travel Money Oz Currency Pass, check out  Mastercard's Priceless Experiences to get discounted tickets*. 

2. Blue Man Group drumsticks: 20 USD. Loved the show and want a souvenir to take home? Why not a drumstick from one of their performances, paint splatterings and all!

3. Not all souvenirs are the same though, so of course, you need to buy some terribly cheesy souvenirs: 2 - 10 USD. Like these socks, for example. One of our Travel Money experts,  Marshall found these little gems in a store and said they "felt like outmeal more than socks". With a glowing review like that how could you possible say no? 


4. Zipline over Freemont street: 49 USD. Want the feeling of elation that comes with winning big on blackjack without actually playing blackjack? Why not strap yourself in and Zipline over five blocks on Freemont street. You can save yourself $5 by doing it before 5pm, but also don’t do that because it would be way better when you can see all of the lights.

5. Buy a custom poker set: 300 USD. Save the gambling for home and purchase a poker set with a custom inlay, carry case and cards.

6. Learn your fortune from Zoltar: 5 USD. No guarantees the fortune reading he provides will be relevant and/or correct though. Travel Money Oz team member Marshall's reading said that he would be handing out banger exchange rates and also would meet a tall dark stranger that would sweep him off his feet. Unsure about the tall dark stranger, but we can confirm the banger exchange rate's predicition has come true. Yay Zoltar. 


7. Gorge yourself on chocolate: 120 USD. Jean Philippe is a world-class chef with Patisserie’s and chocolate shops in the Bellagio and the Aria. $120 will get you a 12 piece box of assorted chocolates, chocolate covered nuts, a box of lilliputian candy, almond rocher, peanut brittle and an 18 piece box of assorted caramels. Sounds like $120 well spent if you ask me.

8. Dress to impress with a custom-tailored Elvis jumpsuit: starting from 999 USD. Fancy yourself a bit of a crooner? Be the talk of the dress-up party with your own suit. Please note that deep mellotones and sideburns are not included.

9. For the ladies (or men, you do you) a custom-tailored showgirl outfit: starting at 999 USD. Shake your tail feathers and your dollar dollar bills at a feathery, bedazzled masterpiece.

10. Burger hop around the city: 5 - 20 USD. There aren’t a heap of cheap eats in Vegas, but there are a lot of seriously good burgers. Start out simple (yet delicious) with in-N-out before working your way up to the big leagues. Then maybe walk the strip to give your heart a break from the calories. 


11. Get a cupcake from the cupcake vending machine: 5 - 10 USD. This seems like a no brainer. Cupcakes + vending machine = take my money. Travel Money Oz team member, Kenneth, said she spent an undiscolsed amount of money on her Currency Pass at this cupcake ATM and has since ordered new uniforms that are two size bigger. I'll take that as a sign that the cupcakes were pretty delicious. 

12. In case you’re still hungry, load up on pancakes or french toast from IHOP: 8 - 15 USD. The picture kinda says it all. When in America do as the American’s do and eat way more than you should. You only live once, right?


13. Tour the neon museum: starting from 22 USD. Ever wondered what happens to Vegas lights when they’re passed their hey-day? Wonder no more by wandering around this collection of lights and Vegas relics.

14. Spend a night (or two) in the most expensive hotel room: 100,000 USD per night with a two-night minimum. Ok, first of all, I would argue that you can spend $100,000 on much better things than a hotel room, but your money is your money. Should such an elaborately expensive night tickle your fancy, prepare for 9,000 square feet of pure luxury in a two-story sky villa equipped with a salt relaxation room, infinity jacuzzi overlooking the strip and 24-hour butler service. On second thought that does sound pretty good, especially if I can eat my $120 worth of chocolate in the jacuzzi.

15. Put a few coins in the corgi cash machine. I know this is a list of things to do other than gambling, but how could you turn down that cute corgi face? If you’re spending $999 on a customised suit, surely you can drop a fiver into this sweet corgi? I know, I know, this is how they get you. What starts as an innocent corgi cash machine ends up being a 10-hour marathon at the pokies. Perhaps I’ll just stick to my socks and choccies and be on my way. 

  So, there you have it, something for everyone to spend their money on in Vegas. Of course, you’re going to need some USD to spend. Travel Money Oz has got you covered with over 150 stores across Australia and New Zealand. The team will sort you out with cash, a Travel Money Oz Currency Pass and plenty more tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting the most out of your holiday.

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