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Travel Hacks: Ice creams of the world

22nd August 2019

I love dessert, especially ice cream. Like, the type of love where I could be comatose after a huge dinner and still perk up enough to roll myself to the kitchen at the thought of ice cream. My theory is that ice cream is basically a liquid, so you don't need space in your stomach. Instead it kinda just fills the holes in between food in your stomach.

I recently went travelling for three months and wanted to compile a food comparison for all of the countries I visited. I pondered my options and realised that ice cream was, of course, the obvious choice for this comparison. Not only can I gorge myself on foreign delicacies and still have room for it, but every country has ice cream. Regardless of whether you are mincing through the humid streets of Manilla or freezing in the Swiss Alps, you will be able to find a gelateria or, at the very least, some vendor slugging Magnum-esk cream on a stick. 

As I drifted into a daze imagining the moment I could add 'global ice cream taster' to my resume, my boyfriend so kindly pointed out that I am lactose intolerant. To this, I replied that fate loves the fearless, and his common sense and genuine concern for my intestines would not melt my ice cream dreams. Live fast die young, or maybe just eat ice cream knowing the location of the nearest emergency exit (and by exit I mean toilet). 

We set off on our journey, and you can't imagine how much joy I felt having this conversation in with my boyfriend. 

Me: "I need to get ice cream."
Him: "Didn't you have one yesterday?"
Me: "It's for the blog, I NEED to get ice cream. How else will I earn my income?"
Him: "But it's 7am..?"
Me: "It's 5'oclock somewhere."

After this, I would avert my eyes from his defeated, yet still quite judgemental, stare, open the Google Maps app and begin plotting my next ice cream escapade. Victory had literally never tasted so sweet. 

Long story short I tried 14 different ice creams, and it was glorious. Better yet, I've compiled taste and price rankings for you below. All prices are for two scoops and were converted to Aussie Dollars based on Travel Money Oz's online rate on the 20th of August. 

Here are a few Aussie ratings so you can get an idea of my palette, some control samples you may say. 

Baskin and Robbins Love Potion 31
Taste: 8/10
Price: $8.40
This ice cream's vanilla base makes you feel like you're making a healthy choice next to those double choc options. The berry swirl and chocolate chunks surprise you like an extra nugget at the bottom of your Maccas bag and leave you wanting more. 

Connoisseur Cookies and Cream
Taste: 10/10
Price: Around $10 for a tub, so we can say $6 for two decent scoops
When people ask me the meaning of life, I point to this ice cream. It's soft, grungy look fills my heart, and it's perfectly balanced cookies, and cream flavours fulfil my wildest fantasies. If my boyfriend has done something to annoy me, he simply needs to purchase me a tub of this sweet nectar and all is forgiven. 

Chocolate Paddle Pop
Taste: 4/10
Price: $3
Not bad but nothing to icescream about. Mums buy this for their kids because it's cheap, isn't that terrible and will shut them up for a while. Poor kids still haven't been introduced to the world of life-changing ice cream. 

Alright, let's hit the big leagues

  • Philippines - Coron
    Shop: Pedro's Gelato
    Price: 100PHP/ $3.31 AUD
    Rating: 4/10
    Flavours: Choc mint and Ferrero rocher
    Eating this ice cream was like being promised a pizza for dinner and coming home to find your mum heating up a frozen monstrosity from Woolies, instead of punching Dominoes digits into the phone. Its looks were certainly complemented by the waffle and chocolate sauce, but these didn't compensate for the flakes of ice scattered throughout my scoop. Also, the mint tasted like a stick of gum. Old mate Ferrero has definitely carried the team on this one.

  • Singapore
    Shop: Udders Ice Cream
    Price: $4 SGD/$4.46 AUD
    Rating: 6/10
    Flavour: Chocolate
    This ice cream reminded me of Morgan Freeman's voice - deep, smooth and rich. Surely this is the holy trilogy of ice cream adjectives? Unfortunately, the more I ate, the richer the ice cream became, leaving me to fork out another $2 for a bottle of water.

  • Germany - Bonn
    Shop: Eislabor
    Price: 2.80EUR/ $4.72AUD
    Rating: 8/10
    Flavour: Chocolate
    I read that this place was recognised as having the best ice cream in Germany in 2015, according to Trip Advisor, so they had big boots to fill. I have to admit that the ice cream was delicious, not to rich, super smooth and scooped with a smile. However, the ant-sized portion was a joke. 20 licks max and my cream was no more. I didn't pay you to ration me, Eislabor.

  • The Netherlands - Utrecht
    Shop: Het ijsdomein
    Price: 2.80EUR/ $4.72AUD
    Rating: 7/10
    Flavour: Chocolate and Bueno
    First of all, no, I don't know how to say the name of the shop. Bueno really was the star of this ensemble, which is no surprise. I would have scored higher because, to be honest, the ice cream was really delicious and was a damn good price. However, it was a particularly humid and windy day and, as I walked out of the shop to put my change in my bag, the wind blew, and a heap of my hair became entangled in my Bueno. To make matters worse, the humidity melted this ice cream at lightning speed, which meant sticky chocolate drops melted onto my brand new Birkenstocks. Not happy Jan. I'm sorry Het ijsdomein, but the elements let you down today.

  • Lithuania - Vilnius
    Shop: Sopranos
    Price: 3EUR/ $5.05AUD
    Rating: 5/10
    Flavour: MIlk, chocolate and white chocolate.
    This ice cream was the definition of 'meh'. Sure, it hit the spot. Did it excite me? Not really. Was it better than a paddle pop? Yeah, definitely. Was it worth the calories? Well first of all calories don't count on holidays, but if they did, I would be a bit disappointed I used them on these scoops. On the plus side, there was a corgi there having a little doggy ice cream which was definitely one for the books.

  • Philippines - El Nido
    Price: 180PHP/ $5.96 AUD
    Rating: 3/10
    Flavour: Dark chocolate and French Vanilla
    Bad quality photo for a bad quality crème. Simples. I should have known, this shop offered free sprinkles, which is a telltale sign of them hoping you'll be hypnotised by the colourful flakes into thinking the ice cream tastes good.

  • Philippines - Puerto Princessa
    Shop: Gelato Man
    Price: 180PHP/ $5.96AUD
    Rating: 8/10
    Flavour: Chocolate and mint choc chip
    Walking into this shop's aircon was heaven sent in the Philippines' humidity. The shop itself is run by an Italian fella that moved over a few years ago, enjoyed sweating 24/7 and discovered the locals had a penchant for his ice cream. He makes all of the ice cream himself, and you can definitely taste the quality.  However, no other ice cream on the list made me run to the ah, 'nearest exit' faster than this bad boy.

  • Germany - Berlin
    Chip Chip bon bon
    Price: 3.9EUR/ $6.57AUD
    Rating: 9/10
    Flavour: Banana split and choc caramel
    This ice cream was so so so good - gooey caramel, solid and unassuming chocolate chunks and an authentic banana taste (not like those nasty banana syrups cafes use sometimes). Also, the shop's name is super fun - Chip Chip Bon Bon! Reading it on Google Maps stirred a childlike sense of fun in me as I skipped down the street towards my ice cream at 10pm on a Saturday night in Berlin. Who needs clubs when you have ice cream? On a side note, you could pay for this ice cream with Bitcoin. I don't understand Bitcoin, so I paid with my Travel Money Oz Currency Pass, but if that's your thang, then you know where to go. 

  • Greece - Oia, Santorini
    Shop: Lolita's Gelato
    Price: 4EUR/ $6.74AUD
    Rating: 9/10
    Flavour: Hazelnut and strawberry and white chocolate
    Before devouring this ice cream, I clambered up more steps then I wished to acknowledge, dodging donkey poo and selfie-taking tourists, all while sweating it out under the blazing Greek sun. I earned this ice cream, and I inhaled it accordingly. The flavours were vibrant, and it's soft texture coated my parched mouth with precision. At that moment, this ice cream was a 10 out of 10. However, I have to take into account the fact that I was severely dehydrated, and literally anything moist would have filled me with joy at that moment. With this in mind, I've bumped Lolita down to a very worthy 9.

  • Estonia - Tallinn
    Shop: Gelato Ladies
    Price: 4EUR/ $6.74AUD
    Rating: 9/10
    Flavour: Chocolate
    This was definitely up there as one of the best chocolate ice creams I have ever eaten. The flavour was perfectly balanced, the weather was mild, so I had time to savour the taste without fear of melting, and the cone itself seemed quite fresh. It was so good, in fact, that I sat in a random Estonian cobblestoned gutter to fully enjoy my experience. My only strife with this ice cream was, once again, the small serving size. The two scoops combined only equated to one average-sized scoop. C' mon ladies, I sat in the gutter for this.

  • Poland - Krakow
    Shop: Chimney Cakes
    Price: 15PLN/ $7.10AUD
    Rating: 10/10
    Flavour: Vanilla ice cream with strawberries and Nutella
    Hands down, this was the best ice cream I have ever eaten in my life. The cone itself was a glorious mix of croissant and doughnut doused in cinnamon sugar. The inside was then slathered with Nutella and filled with layers of fresh vanilla ice cream and strawberries. I died and went to heaven (and also swatted my boyfriend away because no way was he having any of this). For the integrity of my rankings, I do have to note that the vanilla ice cream itself was a solid 8/10. However, the amalgamation of the cone, Nutella, cream and strawberries was truly crafted by the hands of God and will live forever in my memories and on my tastebuds.

  • UK - Glastonbury Music Festival
    Shop: Random ice cream truck
    Price: 4GBP/ $7.40AUD
    Rating: 1/10
    Flavour: Vanilla
    Never before have I put ice cream in my mouth, only to immediately want it out. As much as it pains me to say it, this ice cream was awful. The so-called ice cream felt fizzy in my mouth, and its sour taste was no doubt the result of off-milk. To top it off, both the flake AND the cone was stale. Granted it was day four of the festival, and there had been a heatwave, but I come from Brisbane which is pretty hot, and our ice cream trucks manage to keep their cones crisp and their cream fresh. Not to mention the fact that it was over SEVEN DOLLARS. Highway robbery if you ask me. Want to know the worst bit though? My boyfriend didn't seem to mind and gobbled up the monstrosity like a racoon in a dumpster.

  • Belgium - Ghent
    Shop: Neuhaus
    Price: 5EUR/ $8.42AUD
    Rating: 8/10
    Flavour: Raspberry gelato coated in Belgian chocolate
    This ice cream was incredible. The tart raspberry flavour ensured the chocolate coating wasn't too sweet, and an edition of a crispy, nut biscuit under the chocolate layer added the perfect texture. I had, however, eaten about 15 chocolate praline samples before this, so I certainly was not in a prime ice cream tasting condition. I also found the raspberry to be super cold on my teeth as a bit through the chocolate. I'm being picky here because this ice cream really was amazing, but if I were you, I would spend that $8.42 on a box of Belgian chocolates instead.

  • The UK - Bristol
    Store: Ripple and Roll
    Price: 4.95GBP/ $9.15AUD
    Rating: 3/10
    Flavour: 'Nutty Hippo', so basically Ferrero Rocher
    This ice cream was fun but disappointing. It is cool to watch them smash all the ingredients together and then roll them up on the cold plate. Eating the ice cream was difficult, as the rolls were pretty frozen and I ended up flicking some out while trying to get a scoop. The flavours themselves were delicious, but certainly not worth the $9.15 price tag. You really are just paying for the novelty.

So, there you have it. It seems that any ice cream priced between $6 and $7 Aussie dollars seems to be your best bet. All in all, I declare the Polish Chimney cake my favourite, but Berlin's Chip Chip Bon Bon the winner due to its taste, affordability and super fun name.

If you need some cash for your own adventure, ice cream or other, be sure to head into your nearest Travel Money Oz. 

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