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Click & Collect

We know some of our customers know what they want and they are running errands on a schedule.

We've got you covered with the first and only SAME DAY foreign cash COLLECTION, in Australia.

What is Click & Collect?

This is for the ones that don't want to walk around searching for their currency, the travellers that have their stuff together and don't need our consultants advice, for the time-management legends wanting to organise their Click & Collect order for when they're running other tasks (order for pickup while you're running errands!), we've made it as easy and seamless as possible so you can just focus on your well-earned trip abroad.

Only at Travel Money Oz, you can now order your foreign exchange online and collect the foreign cash on the SAME DAY, or at your earliest convenience.

Simply select the foreign currency you need, we will send you a notification when the order is packed , et voilà! you can come pick it up.

Same Day Collection

There is nowhere else in Australia (or anywhere!) where you can order your foreign currency cash online and collect it on the same day.

If Same Day Collection is your preferred option, you should place your order before 11AM on that same day.

Otherwise, you can comepick it up at your earliest convenience.

Cards are delivered separately in 3-7 days.

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Most efficient option

Some of you don't need the help and advice of our lovely Travel Experts, save some time by ordering online so you don't have to spend much time in our stores.

At no extra cost, get in an out in a matter of minutes, so you can keep with our day.

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Collection Details

You can order up to $9,999.99 AUD value of foreign cash, or a total of $9,999 AUD with card and cash combined. If you need more, please head to our stores.

Both cash collections and card deliveries are totally delivery free.

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