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Loading and Accessing Money

What currencies can I load on my card?

Up to 10! They include... USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, HKD, JPY, SGD, THB and AUD. If you're heading somewhere and their currency isn't one of the above, no stress - load in AUD and withdraw the local currency from an ATM. Or swipe/tap as normal and it will convert as you go with each transaction. 

How can I load my card?

You have a few options. You can load money onto your card using the Travel Money Oz app, or by logging into your account on our website - from here, you can load via Debit or Credit Card (instant load), or via Bank Transfer (takes 1 business day), or you can load your Currency Pass in any of our stores nationwide. You can also reload your card with BPAY at any time from your online banking account (2-3 days for BPAY transfers to appear).

How much does it cost to reload my card?

If you reload your card instore we're not going to charge you any fees. There are however merchant fee associated with credit cards. If you're processing this online there are also fees associated with credit cards and BPAY. You can however do a bank transfer and avoid fees.

How do I reload using BPAY?

The important things about BPAY are below..

1. It will take 2-3 business days for your BPAY transfer to appear and the rate used will be the rate of the day the load is applied, not the day the transaction is initiated.

2. If this is a new card, make sure you card is activated before you try load (you'll know it's activated if it's already got money on it)

3. Biller Code: 184416. Reference: Your 16 digit card number.

4. Funds will appear in your defaut currency (which may be AUD). From here, distribute between currencies using the "transfer between currencies" feature.

How do I reloading via Bank Transfer?

1. Log into and click the Load Money button, along with the currency and amounts.

2. Select the Bank Transfers tab, read the T&Cs and press Confirm Order

3. From here, you'll see the confirmation page with the payment details and your 9 digit account number (this will also be emailed to the email address on the account!)

4. Log into your internet banking and make the payment within the 4 hours. You'll receive an email alert that your $$ has been loaded (likely to be next business day)

5. IMPORTANT - to get the rate you were quoted, you NEED to put in the Message/Reference number in when transferring. If you forget this, your money will be loaded in your default currency.

(P.S this Message/Reference number is a once off for us, next time you load via bank transfer, you'll be issued with a new one!)

Where do I find my 9 digit account number?

You'll find this on the final screen when you complete your bank transfer via the Travel Money Oz Currency Pass portal or App. Your 9 digit account number will also be included in your confirmation email. If you do not receive your confirmation email, give us a call on 13 61 95, or if calling from overseas +61 (2) 8974 0856.

I'm getting a reload error message, what should I do?

Received the below message? This means your card has not been loaded (even if you see the funds pending in your bank balance!). Please follow the steps in the notification message below before re-loading your card. We repeat... before re-loading your card!

We are unable to authorisation this transaction. Before re-attemping to load your Currency Card, please contact your financial institution and then contact Travel Money Oz. You can contact Travel Money Oz by emailing 

Why do I receive a reload authorisation SMS?

We use 3D authentication as a security measure when you reload funds... which is often linked to you Aussie mobile number, through your bank. If you can't receive the SMS, you'll need to contact your bank to update your details.

As an alternative, try reloading using BPAY or Bank Transfer, however, if we're a new payee, it's possible your bank still may need to send a SMS. 

How long does it take for my funds to be loaded onto my card?

How quickly do you need the money? Credit / debit card transfers are instantly available. Bank transfers will take 1 business day (Mon-Fri) and prior to 2pm AEST. BPAY will take a little longer, this is on average 3 business days. Alternatively, come and see us in store at one of our 140+ locations for more immediate assistance.

How do I transfer between currencies?

Follow the below steps to transfer between currencies:

  1. Log into your account by clicking on the login/register button at the top of the Travel Money Oz website.
  2. Once you're in, click on the Currency Card tab, and select Transfer between currencies.
  3. Select the currency you wish to transfer from, and to. From here you can enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  4. You will then see the amount of the new currency, along with the rate in which the transfer is completed.
  5. Don't forget to click "Confirm Transfer" to complete your transfer

How do I change my card's default currency?

To start, make sure you're logged into the Currency Pass portal then...

1. Select Currency Card in the top menu, and Currency Card Settings

2. Then click on the set default currency button

Once this change is made, any unquoted Bank transfer or BPAY loads will land in the default purse.

What happens if I run out of one currency on my card, but still have funds in another?

If a purchase cannot be completed because there are not enough funds in that currency on your card and you do have other currencies, the card will automatically convert other currencies to complete the purchase. The transaction will be split across 2 or more currencies and will appear that way on your statement. Read more about this in our PDS.

What is the minimum/maximum amount I can load on to my card?

The minimum amount you can load is $20 (AUD) but who are you kidding, you'll be spending alot more than that on your holiday.

The maximum amount you can load onto your Currency Pass in one load is $10,000 (AUD). If you need more though, just speak to us in store.

Why are there limits on how much I can withdraw and spend each day?

This is a security feature to protect your spending money and should you misplace your card it simply means that someone can't access everything. The limits currently in place are; ATM withdrawals up to $3000 AUD or equivalent per day. EFTPOS maximum is $100 AUD without a pin and $15000 AUD during any 24 hour period (requiring pin authorisation). There are however some countries with a lower ATM withdrawal limit, like Thailand which is 20,000THB (around $800AUD).

What is the maximum amount I can use contactless payment for?

In most cases, contactless payment can be made for purchases up to the equivalent of $100 AUD. Transaction limits for contactless transactions may change from time to time. For transactions above the limit, additional authorisation is required, usually the cards PIN. Different transaction limits apply in different countries.

Still need assistance? Contact us on:

UK – 0800 056 0572
USA/Canada – 1877 465 0085
Japan – 00531 780 221
Thailand – 001800 442 212
New Zealand – 0800 444 691
Hong Kong – 800 966 321
South Korea – 00798 4434 1279
Other countries – +44 207 649 9404