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Currency information

Code CAD
Symbol $
Cents & dollars - 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2
Dollars - $5, $10, $20, $50, $100

Welcome to Canada!

Canada is the perfect mix of untamed landscapes and culturerich cities. The locals are friendly and famously polite, the French-inspired cuisine is delicious, and there’s incredible wildlife prowling just outside the urban centres. Whether you want to see grizzly bears and wolves or sit back and watch a game of ice hockey, Canadian holidays can be catered to suit every traveller.

ATM access

4.5/5 stars – You won’t have to go far to find an ATM in most Canadian towns and cities. Cash is only hard to come by in isolated regions.


About 15-20% of the bill in restaurants.

Phone and Internet access

Patchy in the middle of nowhere, otherwise brilliant!

Daily cost

Canada isn’t the cheapest country  in the world, but it’s not the most expensive either, eh.

Coffee: AU$3.45 (a regular cappuccino)
Water:  AU$1.55 (standard water bottle)
Beer:  AU$5.50 (pint of beer)
Food:  AU$10 (at a cheap restaurant)
Taxi:  AU$35 (airport – city centre)
Big Mac:  AU$5.80 (next door’s currency)

Daily budget

Budget:  Around AU$80/day (2x cheap meals, supermarket   snacks and a walking tour around Montreal)
Moderate:  Around AU$150/day (2x cheap meals, supermarket   snacks and a night out on the town in Toronto)
Luxury:  Around AU$200/day (3x restaurant meals, taxi   rides and tickets to see the Maple Leafs play)

Safety rating

4.5/5 stars - Canada is perfectly safe, but you should still be careful when walking the streets at night-time, and don’t go wandering off into the wilderness alone (bear attacks are rare, but not unheard of).

Travel Money Trivia

Liquid Gold
Canada’s oil reserves are the second largest on the planet (after Saudi Arabia).
Maple Syrup
Economy Canada produces tons of maple syrup each year.
Love Thy Neighbour
75% of Canadians live within 100 miles of America
Donut Craze
There are more donut stores in Canada per capita than any other country .
Canadian Comfort
Canada enjoys a reasonably high GDP per capita

Let's talk money

Getting your finances organised for a trip to Canada is easy. Both credit cards and cash are accepted without hassle almost everywhere, and given the high number of ATMs, you won’t need to bring a ton of Canadian dollars into the country.

  • Some border towns accept US currency
  • $1 & $2 coins are called ‘loonie and ‘toonie’
  • Banknotes in Canada are brightly coloured
  • Banknotes also have braille
  • They escaped the GFC relatively
  • All national parks offer free child entry
  • In the 1700s, a shortage of coins lead to people playing cards as a means of currency

Must do

Toronto International Film Festival
Renowned actors, directors and movie aficionados come from all over the world to attend this prestigious  film festival.
Niagara Falls
Attracting millions of visitors each year, Niagara Falls is one of Canada’s most popular natural attractions.
The Rocky Mountains
Stretching more than 3,000 miles across North America, the Rocky Mountains are famed for their scenic hiking trails and incredible (if slightly terrifying) wildlife. Bears and wolves and moose, oh my!
Toronto’s CN Tower
No trip to Canada would be complete without admiring the view from the top of the CN Tower, the country’s tallest freestanding structure.

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