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Currency information

Code CNY
Symbol ¥
¥0.1, ¥0.5, ¥1
¥0.1, ¥0.5, ¥1, ¥5, ¥10, ¥20, ¥50, ¥100

Welcome to China!

From the nation that brought us Giant Pandas, Kung Pao Chicken, and everything else Made in China, this glorious land really is somewhere you have to see to believe. The ancient civilisation has a rich, unique culture with untouched customs and traditions – it’s certainly not your average getaway!

ATM access

5/5 stars – They’re pretty much one every corner – though there are  withdrawal limits for some. Thankfully, most ATMs will have  an English option too.


Definitely not common, sometimes even considered rude

Phone and Internet access

Pretty good, but many sites such as Facebook and Google are blocked

Daily cost

Get ready for one of the cheapest  trips you’ll ever take!

Coffee:  AU$4.10 (regular cappuccino)
Water:  AU$0.40 (330mL bottle)
Beer:  AU$1.25 (domestic beer)
Food:  AU$10 (hot pot)
Taxi:  AU$9 (airport – downtown Beijing)
Big Mac:  AU$4.15 (the classic)

Daily budget

Budget:  Around AU$80/day (2x cheap meals, supermarket   snacks, and admission to The Great Wall)
Moderate:  Around AU$150/day (3x cheap meals, supermarket   snacks, a train ticket and Forbidden City tour)
Luxury:  Around AU$200/day (3x restaurant meals,   supermarket snacks and a Beijing highlights tour)

Safety rating

3.5/5 stars - It’s a very safe place, you’ll need just the regular dose of common sense. Your biggest safety concerns are the hectic roads, so eyes off your phone when crossing the street!

Travel Money Trivia

Two-name confusion
Renminbi and yuan are used interchangeably, but renminbi is  the official name.
Inflation elation
In the past 40 years, the yuan has inflated up over a whopping 1000x.
Paper makers
China not only invented paper, but also came up with paper money.  
Crafty creators 
China was also the first country to use metal for making coins. 
Weight in silver
Yuan was originally called ‘kuai’ (meaning lump) – as it was literally a lump of silver.

Let's talk money

China is one huge place – teeming with attractions, people, food and history. To get the most out of your holiday, set yourself a currency alert on the Yuan, get yourself a Currency Pass and lock in your cash at the best rate.

  • You’ll mainly use cash  to pay
  • Haggling is acceptable  at markets
  • Watch out for knock-offs
  • Buy a VPN to access blocked sites
  • Hide your money to  avoid pickpockets
  • You only need to tip  your tour guides
  • Pick up a good guidebook with street maps to help you navigate before you go

Must do

Great Wall of China
You can choose which segment you’d like to walk based on your fitness level and what sights interest you the most.
The Forbidden City  
The largest palace complex in the world is worth ticking off your itinerary.
Terracotta Army 
See the hundreds of carefully crafted life-size models made to serve as a guard for the First Emperor Qin in the afterlife.
Chengdu Panda Base  
Check out the mesmerising Giant Panda up close in this non-profit research and breeding centre.
Yúngāng Caves  
A cluster of Chinese Buddhist cave temples with incredible carvings, statues and artwork is something not to be missed

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