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Currency information

Code SGD
Symbol $
Cents & dollars - 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1
Dollars - $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000

Welcome to Singapore!

The ultimate melting pot of culture, colour and cuisine, Singapore is one party you won’t want to leave. Serving up warm weather all year long, there’s no wrong time to brush up on your Singlish and explore the city’s urban landscape. Besides, when “How are you?” is replaced with “Have you eaten?”, why wouldn’t you want to go?


ATM access

5/5 stars  To accommodate the large number of foreigners visiting all year long, there’s an abundance of no-fee internationalaccess ATMs available. Those foreign transaction fees are better spent on chili crab, no?


Not the norm, but your bellhop won’t turn down a dollar

Phone and Internet access

Internet is pretty consistent, and free Wi-Fi is common

Daily cost

Prices are pretty comparable to what you’d pay here, so you should feel  right at home

Coffee:  AU$5.30 (regular espresso)
Water:  AU$1.15 (300mL bottle)
Beer:  AU$9.75 (pint in a pub)
Food:  AU$44 (a restaurant meal)
Taxi:  AU$24 (Changi Airport – Orchard Rd)
Big Mac:  AU$4.60 (cheap Macca’s!)

Daily budget

Budget:  Around AU$80/day (2x cheap meals, supermarket   snacks, train ticket & entry to Singapore Zoo)
Moderate:  Around AU$150/day (2x cheap meals, supermarket   snacks, train ticket & entry to the Night Safari Zoo)
Luxury:  Around AU$200/day (2x restaurant meals,   supermarket snacks, and entry to Universal Studios)

Safety rating

5/5 stars - Sleep soundly knowing Singapore is ranked one of the safest cities in the world. Just avoid any accommodation renters who ask you to pay upfront with cash. You know the type

Travel Money Trivia

‘Sing’ it loud  
The lyrics of the Singapore national anthem are printed on the $1,000 note.
Ain’t no mountain higher
Singapore coins in circulation stacked up would be 710 times higher than  Mt. Everest.
Interchangeable change
You can use Singapore dollars in Brunei, and vice versa.
Hey big spender   
The largest denomination in Singapore currency  was $10,000.
Standing the test  of time 
The Tembusa Tree featured on $5 notes is in the Botanic Gardens and has been since before it opened.

Let's talk money

In Singapore you’ll be dealing with Singapore dollars, so it’s easy enough to remember. With ATMs readily available throughout the city, you won’t want to leave your travel card at home. Though you’ll still want to always have a little cash handy for some cheap street eats.

  • Tips are included in restaurant receipts
  • ATMs generally won’t charge an operator fee
  • It’s a super card-friendly place
  • Use cash for small stuff
  • Grab extra ‘sing’ for shopping
  • Taxis charge surcharges in busy periods
  • Grab an ezLink card for trains and buses
  • Mind your manners – the elder folk are referred to as Aunty or Uncle here

Must do

Gardens by the Bay 
Set in the middle of the city, a visually stunning garden reaching over 101 hectares is more than worth your time.
Universal Studios Singapore  
Rollercoasters, 3D rides and live shows in the one spot? Sign us up!
Night Safari Singapore  
See your favourite nocturnal creatures when they’re not snoozing away.
Chinese New Year  
Immerse yourself in the non-stop festivities for a truly unforgettable experience.  
Orchard Road
Of course, no trip to Singapore is complete without visiting the most famous shopping street  in Asia.

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Travel Money Oz has sought to ensure that the information is true and correct at the time of publication. Prices, details and services are subject to change without notice, and Travel Money Oz accepts no responsibility or liability for any such changes, including any loss resulting from any action taken or reliance made by you on any information provided. Daily Cost: All prices are approximations. Your costs may differ depending on where you go, where you shop, and their individual factors. Daily Budget: Costs are estimated per person and do not include accommodation.