World's first: Same day delivery for foreign cash! Currency Delivery Press Release for Travel Money Oz

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MEDIA RELEASE | Foreign Cash In A Flash with Travel Money Oz

7th December 2023

“Foreign Cash in a Flash” – Travel Money Oz launches world-first same-day delivery service for foreign currency. An innovation to completely reinvent the way Australians travel.

  • Travel Money Oz has just launched a world first same-day delivery and Australian first same day pick-up service for foreign cash.
  • This revolutionary delivery option is in partnership with Sherpa for safe, secure, and fully insured delivery.
  • Available across Travel Money Oz’s 80+ stores nationwide.

NEW! Same Day Delivery or Click & Collect for Foreign Cash


Travel Money Oz has revolutionised the foreign currency industry by becoming the first and only foreign currency business in Australia to offer same-day delivery or Click & Collect on foreign cash.

This innovative new approach was inspired by the likes of “UberEats, but for foreign cash,” says Travel Money Group General Manager, Scott McCullough. “We want to make it easy and convenient for all our customers to get the foreign currency they need, especially the busy traveller who may be working full-time and not have the opportunity to come into one of our stores.”

This comes from Travel Money Oz’s traveller-first approach to the FX industry.

As part of Flight Centre Travel Group, the business approaches foreign currency from a traveller’s perspective.

And that includes understanding how stressful the planning process can be.

“If we can make getting foreign cash as easy and stress-free as possible, travellers can focus on actually enjoying their holidays,” he explains. “Our solution is targeted to be the most convenient offering in market, and that's exactly what we have delivered: an Australian first for same-day click and collect, and same-day home and business delivery.”

The offering is two-fold: you can have your foreign cash delivered to your doorstep for a fee or Click & Collect currency from one of Travel Money Oz’s 80+ stores across the country for free.

The delivery option is secure and fully insured. Not only that, but it can be delivered anywhere with a valid address – whether that be your home, or your workplace.

“Of course, the most important part is safety – after all, we’re trusting our customers with their hard-earned pay-check, and getting cold hard (foreign) cash delivered to your door carries a little more weight than just ordering some food! So safety is something we worked really hard on for a really long time – from the financial crime and risk teams evaluating every step, to our delivery partner Sherpa building in dual authentication into the delivery flow.
Our customer’s foreign currency is delivered in secure, tamper-proof bags, and it’s 100% insured to be safeguarded from start to finish. Not only that, but it’s trackable via a geo-targeted app so we know where the money is at all times until it’s safely in the hands of our customer. Once it gets to the customer’s doorstep, they need to show ID and produce a 6-digit code to ensure the foreign cash is only delivered to the person who processed the order.
All this is to make sure our Same Day Delivery on foreign cash is safe, secure, and fully insured – every step along the way!”
Scott McCullough explains.

For this enterprise, Travel Money Oz has partnered with Sherpa – Australia’s premier same-day courier who boasts an extensive driver network in Australia, and also allows customers to track their delivery in real-time from pick-up to delivery for optimal peace-of-mind.

“Sherpa is proud to partner with Travel Money Oz in a world first to deliver FX currency on the same day,” Ben Nowlan, Sherpa CEO and Co-Founder said. “With operations in over 22 major cities in Australia, 10,000 registered drivers and end to end visibility with direct notifications and live tracking, Sherpa sets the standard to manage any business or consumer delivery that is required urgently with security, insurance and convenience at its core.”

At a time when demand for foreign cash is at an all-time high Travel Money Oz has stepped up to deliver the quickest, easiest, and most convenient way for travellers to get a hold of their foreign currency.


Part of Travel Money Group and Flight Centre Travel Group

Travel Money Group, operating as Travel Money Oz in Australia and Travel Money NZ in New Zealand, is the foreign currency arm of Flight Centre Travel Group, leaning into our expertise in the travel sector, as we are more traveller than banker. Unique in this approach, we offer services to make travellers’ lives easier – using our expertise to help demystify foreign currency and make it a fun, simple, easy-to-understand process while offering over 60+ currencies including some rare, hard-to-source currencies for the more intrepid traveller.