Is foreign currency delivery safe? Yes! Travel Money Oz foreign cash delivery is100% safe, secure, and fully insured.

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Same-Day Foreign Currency Delivery - Your Stress-Free Travel Solution

8th December 2023

Safe, easy, quick, convenient, and fully insured.

So you keep hearing all about this Same Day Delivery for foreign cash, and you want to learn more about our curency delivery service.

Well you've come to the right place - we've laid out exactly how our same-day foreign cash delivery works, keeping it as simple and clear as we possibly can!

The biggest question we get asked is "What makes Travel Money Oz Foreign Cash Delivery so safe?" - so we're answering that before we even start!

Our Foreign Cash In A Flash Same Day Delivery is 100% insured, safe, and secure. We have multiple measures in place to make sure your hard earned cash arrives safely in your hands. Plus, it's fully insured, so in the highly unlikely event it your foreign currency doesn't arrive, we rearrange your delivery (at zero cost of course), or arrange a refund!

The Problem?

In the midst of your travel preparations, the last thing you want to do is head to the currency exchange. You're a busy person, and you had plans to relax before your flight.

The Solution!

The good news? You don't have to! Travel Money can bring your foreign currency to your doorstep with same-day delivery. It's as convenient as ordering a pizza, but with foreign cash, and we're the first (and only!) ones in Australia to offer this service.

How It Works:

1. You submit your order.
2. Enjoy some snacks while we handle the rest.
3. Foreign currency delivered to your doorstep. Done!

Sounds great! But I want more details... How does it work?

• Place your order before 11 AM for same-day delivery.
• Your local store processes and packs your order.
• An insured undercover Sherpa delivery driver ensures its safety.
• You'll receive secure SMS updates on your parcel's status with live tracking links.
• Delivery to your chosen address, be it your home or workplace.
• Show your ID, the 6-digit Sherpa verification code, and get your foreign cash.

With us, your foreign currency is sorted hassle-free!


What if I'm not home, or want someone else to accept the delivery?

As part of safety and security measures, the delivery can only be accepted by the person who placed the order. The parcel, being very valuable, cannot be left in a safe place and can only be handed over after secure code and ID is shown to prove the recipient is the same person who placed the order. If you aren't home, it will be taken back to one of our stores and we will re-arrange the delivery.

Ready to eliminate travel stress?

Order your foreign currency now and enjoy a seamless travel experience with Travel Money Oz's same-day delivery service.


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