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Like Pizza Delivery... but for Foreign Cash

8th December 2023

Make getting your foreign currency as easy as (pizza) pie!

We’ve all been there. 

It’s a Thursday night, a few days before you leave, and  you’re cramming thirty-eight pairs of underwear into your suitcase for your week-long holiday – just in case –praying your luggage stays below the limit. You check your passport for the fifteenth time, and forget to pack the pen you always tell yourself you’ll bring to make filling in arrival cards easier. 

You zip up your bags, again, and sit on your floor doing a mental checklist of everything you need:

✓ Passport
✓ Visa
✓ Extra jumper for the plane
✓ Thongs for the hostel shower (if you know, you know)
✓ Snacks for the airport
✓ Phone charger and travel adapter
✗ Wallet… wallet? Oh naur.

A wave of dread, annoyance, and regret washes over you, accompanied by a frustrated sigh.

In all your overpacking and stressing, you’ve forgotten the most important thing – some holiday spending money… After all, you didn’t spend all that money on a flight to Italy to stare forlornly through the pizzeria window.

But the thing is, the last thing you want to do right now is go into the shops to grab your foreign currency. You’re a busy human! You work hard during the week, and this weekend you had some firm plans to just chill before your flight. 

The good news?
You don’t have to.
Travel Money can come to you instead… AND with same-day delivery.
That’s basically like ordering a pizza, but with foreign cash! 
And we’re the first (and only!) ones in Australia to do it.

Okay, I’m listening… but how does it work exactly?


The short version:

1. You submit your order
2. Eat some snacks
3. Foreign currency delivered to your doorstep. Done!

The slightly longer version:

Basically, you submit your order before 11AM for same-day delivery. Your local store will process and pack your order, and once your order is ready, a fully insured undercover Sherpa delivery driver collects your parcel to make sure it’s safe. You’ll get SMS updates on how your parcel is tracking (securely encrypted of course) with live tracking links. We can deliver your currency to whichever address you choose: your home, or if you’re in the office all week, they can bring it to your work as well!

Then, you all you have to do is show your ID, the 6-digit Sherpa verification code, and your foreign currency is sorted! Cha-ching.

How much does delivery cost, and are there any limits?

If there weren’t, it’d be too good to be true. 
Here’s what you’ll have to keep in mind…

  • MAXIMUM ORDER: $5K AUD for cash, and the total order with card must be less than $10K.
  • AREA AVAILABILITY: Available within 25km of our stores in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, and WA. If you live beyond that range, you can Click & Collect instead!
  • DELIVERY PRICE: $20AUD for deliveries under 10km, and $30AUD for deliveries over 10km. Want convenience but without paying for it? Click & Collect for free!
  • PREPAID TRAVEL CARD: You can order a personalised Travel Money Oz Currency Pass for delivery, however these can take up to seven days delivery via AusPost (i.e. no same day delivery is available). If you would prefer an instant prepaid travel money card, you can head into our stores instead.


What if I'm not home, or want someone else to accept the delivery?

As part of safety and security measures, the delivery can only be accepted by the person who placed the order. The parcel, being very valuable, cannot be left in a safe place and can only be handed over after secure code and ID is shown to prove the recipient is the same person who placed the order. If you aren't home, it will be taken back to one of our stores and we will re-arrange the delivery.

I still have questions...

Love it! Stay curious. If you’re looking for more info, read our FAQs and the full T&Cs.

Okay, you’ve basically solved all my problems with this super easy and convenient way to get foreign cash, in a flash.

Gee thanks! So natural and unscripted of you to say!
If you’re ready to not-uber not-eats your foreign cash and Currency Pass prepaid travel money card, then hit the button below!


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