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How To Master Travel Money Transfers

17th August 2018

How To Master Travel Money Transfers

Whether you’re investing in overseas property or supporting a loved one’s adventures abroad, international money transfers don’t have to be a big deal. Travel Money Oz offers fast and safe international money transfers with no hidden fees or charges.
But (possibly) even better, we’ve put together a guide on how Travel Money Transfers works, and when you might need to send money overseas.

Top 10 Reasons People Send Money Overseas


There are many common (and a few curious) reasons why people send money overseas. You might choose to send your money on holiday in these situations:

1. Buying Overseas Property

Finally putting a deposit on that holiday chateau in France? Or perhaps you’ve found the perfect investment property in Japan? Many people transfer money internationally when they’re making a little piece of a foreign land their own.

2. Paying for Overseas Tuition


Studying abroad is on many a school-leaver’s bucket list, and paying for tuition may require an international money transfer.

3. Overseas Investments/Divestments

You’ll likely need to make an international transfer when buying or selling overseas property, business, stock, or other investment items.

4. Family/Friends Overseas

If you’ve got family or friends overseas, there’s a good chance you’ll be sending more than just your regards their way; whether it’s a family member’s milestone birthday, or your backpacking friend needs bailing out.

5. Paying Accommodation - Luxury Holidays

We can’t think of a better reason to send those dollars overseas than to foot the bill for a well-earned luxury holiday.

6. Support a Travelling Family Member

Again, if your loved one is gallivanting across the globe, you may find yourself supporting their travels at some point. If that means better souvenirs for you, so be it!

7. Paying for A Wedding or Special Event


While life isn’t all champagne and celebrations, sometimes it is just that. Is there anything more romantic than a destination wedding? Pack your passport!

8. Overseas Mortgage Payments

So you’ve finally become the proud owner of your dream chateau, but with owning a home comes the mortgage payments – all the way to France.

9. Paying for Work to Be Done Overseas

When we require the services of a professional, we have to pay them. And when that professional is in another country, that means an international money transfer.

10. Paying Bills Overseas

Paying overseas invoices such as school fees, medical expenses, or utility bills will require sending money overseas.
Whatever your reasons for transferring money internationally, you’ll want a quick, easy, and safe way to get it there.

Introducing: Travel Money Transfers.

Travel Money Transfers


We get it: sometimes you have to send money a few thousand miles away. And when you do, you don’t want to be hit with hidden fees.
This is why we offer Travel Money Transfers, providing a safe and reliable way to send or receive international money.
It’s fast, easy, and takes the hassle out of the international money transfers process. Plus, we guarantee bank-beating exchange rates, and no hidden fees in sight!
We can help you with:

  • Cash to cash – Send cash to friends and family around the world
  • Account to account – A secure way to complete international transactions
  • Cash to account – Ideal if you’re sending to India, China, Shri Lanka, or the Philippines
  • Receiving money transfers in store – Provide your reference number to collect cash in store.

Our two key money transfer services include MoneyGram and TorFX. Wherever you’re sending your money, and whatever the amount, Travel Money Transfers makes it simple.

For more information regarding international money transfers, get in touch with our friendly staff today.


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