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UK, Europe and Your Travel Money

17th August 2018

We’ve reached that time of year where we’ve started to notice the subtle signals (and big promo adverts) telling us that it’s UK & Europe holiday season. While we’ve been stuck inside through this chilly winter season (well, as chilly as Oz gets) our English and European friends are making the most of their sunny days. That’s right, they’ve been living it up with beach trips, picnics in parks and attending all the music festivals. Time to start booking flights!

But more often than not, people will know the ballpark figure of the airfare to get to the UK or Europe, it’s the everyday costs, currency requirements, tipping, and visas that are usually left with a big question mark. Whether you’ve got something already booked or are still in the dreaming phase, we’ll give you some insight into what to expect when picking a destination or planning a budget when visiting the UK or Europe.


Different Destinations May Have Different Prices

It's fair to say that your travel money will definitely go further in different destinations! For example, $5 AUD in Ireland isn’t directly compatible to $5 AUD in Spain.

Where's the best place for a beer?


While a beer may set you back a mere $2 - $3.50 AUD in Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain and Poland, the other end of the scale isn’t as friendly; you’re looking to spend a steep $9 - $11 in Sweden and Norway. If you’re hoping to enjoy at least one beer a day across the week, you’d be paying a total of $17.50 in Croatia and $77 in Norway - ouch!

How much does a local meal cost?


To enjoy the home-grown nosh, a budget of $10 - $20 AUD should cover all local-based meals in the UK and Europe – again barring Norway and Sweden. They’ll always sit on the pricier end of the scale, where you’d be looking at $30 to try a specialty seafood dish in Norway, or about $22 for a staple dish of potato pancakes in Stockholm, Sweden.

Figuring Out What Currency You Need


We recommend taking cash with you along with a pre-paid travel money card like a Travel Money Oz Currency Pass for payment flexibility.

There are a key benefits to using the Currency Pass including:
1. You can lock in your exchange rate for up to 10+ currencies*
2. It comes with an easy-to-use App for reloads, transfers and balance review
3. It’s safe and secure for peace of mind.

And obviously, never dismiss the importance of Travel Insurance. If you can’t afford insurance, you can’t afford to travel.

Knowing these everyday costs and variances before you travel is the best way to expertly handle your itinerary and avoid depleting your budget too quickly. For further info on overseas currencies, our Travel Money Guides are teeming with all the know-how needed.


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