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TRAVEL GUIDES RECAP - FINLAND | How Much Would It Cost to Travel Finland Like A Travel Guide?

12th June 2023

Welcome to the happiest place on Earth…Finland! AKA the home of Christmas. Aussies hardly visit this winter wonderland. Is it because it’s too far and far too cold? Let’s find out!

Sixth stop? Finland!

In this episode, the Travel Guides experience the wonder and enchantment of what is considered one of the happiest places on Earth…Finland.

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Hold the edge of your seat as the Fren Family (Mark, Cathy, Jono and Victoria), the Boys (Kev, Dorian and Teng), the Snobs (Kevin and Janetta), the Husbands (Matt and Brett), and the Outback Siblings (Stack and Josh), take you on a tour of the best places to visit in Finland.

Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes

Because Travel Money Oz is an official sponsors of Channel Nine’s Logie-award winning Travel Guides TV series, we get some exclusive behind the scenes content!

Watch as the Frens family explore the wonder of Santa’s workshop, and meet the big guy in red himself.


Best things to do in Finland

Welcome to the latest episode of Travel Guides, where we take you on an exhilarating journey through Finland. Join us as we recap the adventures of our intrepid travellers, who explored the contrasting delights of Helsinki, the vibrant capital city, and the enchanting winter wonderland of Lapland. From hobby horse tours to dog sledding and meeting Santa Claus himself, let's dive into the captivating experiences of each day.

Read on for everything the Travel Guides did in Finland, and how much it cost...

Day 1 | Helsinki- Happiness with a Hobby Horse Tour

Our Travel Guides team embarked on a unique and whimsical hobby horse tour. Riding their trusty hobby horses, they playfully explored the city's landmarks and hidden gems, embracing the joy of childhood in a city bustling with modernity.

COST: The Hobby Horse Tour cost €65 per person (about $105 AUD).

DAY 1 | Helsinki - Ice Hockey

As the sun set, they immersed themselves in the excitement of Finnish ice hockey. Attending a thrilling match, they joined the passionate crowd and witnessed firsthand the adrenaline that surround this beloved national sport. The electrifying atmosphere of the arena left them in awe of Finland's sporting culture.

COST: The Ice Hockey game cost €29 per person (about $46.70 AUD).


Day 2 | Helsinki - Vanha Kauppahalli

On the second day, our adventurers ventured into Helsinki's vibrant food market, ready to indulge their senses in a culinary feast. From aromatic spices to fresh local produce, the market offered a tantalizing array of flavours and delicacies.

They delighted in a gastronomic adventure, sampling traditional Finnish dishes and experiencing the fusion of international cuisines. From savory salmon dishes to mouthwatering reindeer, their taste buds were treated to a symphony of flavours that showcased the rich culinary heritage of Finland.

Find out more here: Vanha Kauppahalli Food Market

Day 3 | Lapland - Apukka Resort

Leaving the urban charm of Helsinki behind, our Travel Guides team bid farewell to the city and embarked on a journey to the winter wonderland of Lapland. Upon arrival, they checked into the picturesque Apukka Resort, which would be their cozy haven during their Lapland adventures.

The pricing of rooms at the Apukka Resort in Lapland can vary based on factors such as the type of room, the season, and any promotional offers or packages available. It is recommended to visit the official website of the Apukka Resort or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information for each room.

Find out more here: The Apukka Resort


DAY 3 | Lapland - Dog Sledding

The highlight of the day was a thrilling dog sledding adventure. Guided by a team of energetic huskies, they glided through the snow-covered forests, marvelling at the serene beauty of Lapland's landscapes. The crisp air, the sound of paws against the snow, and the breathtaking scenery created an unforgettable experience that embraced the true spirit of Arctic exploration.

COST: The Apukka Husky Adventure cost €159 per person (about $255.90 AUD).


DAY 4 | Lapland - Kota Restaurant

Day four brought our adventurers closer to Lapland's culture and cuisine. They dined at the renowned Kota Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Lapland's wilderness. Here, they indulged in a three-course meal of authentic Lappish cuisine, savouring the flavours of reindeer meat, Arctic char, and wild berries, all expertly prepared to celebrate the region's culinary heritage.

Find out more here: Kota Restaurant


DAY 4 | Lapland - Snowman Ice Bar

After their delectable feast, they stepped into the enchanting Snowman Ice Bar, a true testament to Lapland's icy wonders. Adorned with intricate ice sculptures, the bar provided a captivating backdrop as they enjoyed a refreshing drink served in an ice glass. The shimmering ambiance and the artistic mastery of ice sculpting left them in awe of the creativity and craftsmanship.

Find out more here: Snowman Ice Bar

DAY 5 | Lapland - Santa Claus Village

Day five was filled with enchantment and hands-on experiences. Our Travel Guides team embarked on a journey to the legendary Santa Claus Village, where the magic of Christmas fills the air year-round. They met Santa Claus himself, explored charming shops brimming with festive delights, and sent postcards from the Santa Claus Post Office, immersing themselves in the whimsical atmosphere.

COST: Santa Claus Village €5 per person (about $8 AUD)


DAY 5 | Lapland - Ice Fishing

Continuing their Lapland adventure, they tried their hand at ice fishing on the frozen lakes. Equipped with fishing gear, they patiently waited for a nibble, embracing the tranquil surroundings, and relishing the sense of serenity that ice fishing provides.

COST: The Ice Fishing Experience cost €89 per person (about $143.25 AUD).


DAY 5 | Lapland - Jewellery Craftsmanship (Hornwork)

To add a touch of creativity, they participated in a jewellery-making workshop. Inspired by Lapland’s natural beauty, they crafted unique pieces using local materials and traditional techniques. From delicate earrings to intricate pendants, each creation became a personal keepsake, forever reminding them of their Lapland journey.

Find out more here: Hornwork


DAY 6 |  Lapland – Floating Sauna & Arctic Swimming

On the penultimate day of their Lapland adventure, our Travel Guides team embraced the invigorating Finnish tradition of sauna. They indulged in a soothing sauna session, allowing the warmth to permeate their bodies, relax their muscles, and cleanse their spirits. It was a moment of rejuvenation and tranquillity amidst the frozen landscapes of Lapland.

And to truly embrace the Finnish sauna experience, they bravely took an icy plunge into a frozen lake. The shock of the cold water, followed by the invigorating rush, left them feeling refreshed, alive, and connected to the natural elements that define this northern wonderland.

COST: Floating Sauna & Arctic Swimming group of 2x €179 (about $179 AUD)

DAY 7 |  Lapland - Departure

On the final day, our Travel Guides team bid farewell to Lapland, carrying cherished memories of their Arctic adventures. As they departed from the magical winter wonderland, their hearts filled with gratitude for the extraordinary experiences and the warmth of the Finnish people.

The episode of Travel Guides exploring Helsinki and Lapland in Finland was a captivating adventure, weaving together modern cityscapes and Arctic wilderness. From playful hobby horse tours to exhilarating dog sledding, festive encounters with Santa Claus, and tranquil moments in saunas and icy lakes, this journey was a testament to Finland's unique culture and natural beauty. Plan your own Finnish adventure and experience the wonders of this Nordic gem firsthand.

How much to budget for a Finland holiday?


The official currency in Finland is Euros (EUR).



You’ll want to take a blend of cash and card in Euro (EUR).

You’ll want to take cash with you, especially if travelling to rural areas where the wifi might be spotty. Cash is accepted pretty much everywhere and is good to have on hand just-in-case.

Finland is a card-friendly country. You’ll find it easy travelling with a prepaid travel card (like our Travel Money Oz Currency Pass)!



Not the norm, but not against the rules!


Unlike Australia, Finnish banks don’t have their own ATMs. OTTO is the country’s interbank network. You can select English options on these ATMs but the overall user experience is very different to our ones here.


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If you were to do all the activities, we saw the Travel Guides do on their week-long holiday in New Zealand, it’d look a little something like this…

The Hobby Horse Tour: €65 per person
The Ice Hockey game: €29 per person
Apukka Resort: Seasonal prices
The Apukka Husky Adventure: €159 per person
Santa Claus Village: €5 per person
The Ice Fishing Experience: €89 per person
Floating Sauna & Arctic Swimming:  €179 for a group of 2

*All other activities/flights/accommodation are subject to price changes and may depend on personal budgets.



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