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Welcome to Spain!

With plentiful jugs of sangria, delectable dishes of paella, and of course a customary siesta in the afternoon, the life of a Spaniard sounds pretty darn amazing. However, there’s no need to envy it, when you can experience it for yourself. Say adiós to your regular ol’ life and spice it up with some  Spanish fiesta flavour.

ATM Access

4/5 stars - ATMs are plentiful in all but the most isolated towns. Many businesses are happy to accept card. But for those that won’t, it’s always good to have cash on you.


Not expected or mandatory, but won’t  be snubbed for  excellent service

Phone and Internet access

Decent access in main cities, though public Wi-Fi mightn’t be rápido

Daily cost

When the beer’s this cheap, you may want to stay in Spain permanently.

Coffee:  AU$2.45 (a regular cappuccino)
Water:  AU$1.75 (a 330mL bottle)
Beer:  AU$3.20 (one pint)
Food:  AU$39 (seafood paella)
Taxi:  AU$48 (Madrid airport - city centre)
Big Mac:  AU$5.90 (the local ‘Gran Mac’)

Daily budget

Budget:  Around AU$80/day (2x cheap meals, supermarket   snacks, train ticket & a bike tour in Madrid )
Moderate:  Around AU$150/day (2x cheap meals, supermarket   snacks, train ticket & a tapas walking tour in Madrid)
Luxury:  Around AU$200/day (2x restaurant meals,   supermarket snacks, and a wine tasting tour in Madrid)

Safety rating

4/5 stars - Spain is one of the safest countries to visit in Europe, but keep your wits about you and try not to walk the streets  solo at night.

Travel Money Trivia

Millennial baby
The euro didn’t replace the peseta (previous currency of Spain) until 1999
Siestas are muy importante   
Some shops shut for 3 hours after lunch and reopen for the evening. 
The tooth.. mouse?
Spain has a tooth mouse, Ratoncito Perez, instead of a tooth fairy.
Wouldn’t it be nice…
Spain’s Christmas lottery, El Gordo (meaning ‘the fat one’) is the world’s largest lottery with a prize pool of $3 billion.
Bar hop ‘til your heart’s content 
Spain has the highest number of bars out of the EU countries.

Let's talk money

You’ll only need to deal with euros in Spain, which is the most convenient currency if travelling to multiple European countries. Load up your Currency Pass, but it also never hurts to come prepared with extra cash to avoid charges at ATMs. Paying with cash also gets you a better price.

  • Tipping isn’t expected but your driver/server  will appreciate it
  • Spain is cheap compared to neighbouring countries
  • Even cheaper if you choose to go in low season
  • The metro system connecting major  cities is affordable
  • Buy a fan from the markets to cool down
  • The wine is cheaper  here than almost anywhere else
  • Locals don’t eat dinner until after 9pm

Must do

La Concha in  San Sebastian  
Considered one of the best beaches in Europe, the creamy white sands and picturesque turquoise water make for the perfect place  to suntan.
Seville Cathedral 
See the largest cathedral in the world in its breathtaking elegance.
Alhambra in Granada 
This incredible fortress palace is an amazing site with a rich history behind it.
A night out in Ibiza  
Experience the island teeming with clubs and a buzzing nightlife – a fiesta that never ends. 
Park Güell  in Barcelona   
The colourful tiled architecture and  gingerbread-looking  houses are charming and  oh so Spanish.

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